Taupo Part

For tourists, many landscapes of the islands of New Zealand – this is a fantastic illustrations for the novels. Not for nothing is filmed trilogy 'Lord of the Rings' and the fantastic film 'Avatar'. New Zealand – Islands, separated from ancient continent. Today is a significant distance from the sea nearest neighbors make New Zealand a real edge of the world. New Zealand – a fantastic end of the world.

To Australia through the Tasman Sea – 1700 km. To New Caledonia, the Pacific Ocean – 1,000 km. To Antarctica and Chile, again across the Pacific Ocean – 2,500 miles. and 8700 km. respectively. The creative process of nature here never stops. Active volcanoes may at any time again change the familiar landscape – to erase the old image and draw a new one. New Zealand geysers captivate the curious by their activity, the grandeur and unpredictability. Pinterest is often quoted on this topic.

In these parts are protected by the ancient forest, the like of which has not survived anywhere on the planet. Over 70% of the plants of New Zealand grow only here, flightless bird the kiwi, has become a symbol of New Zealand, and the famous reptile found only in the Gutter Reserves of New Zealand. It is believed that the fauna of New Zealand's exclusive and unique, because it is separated from the Australian mainland and went to 'free float' before, such as mammals arisen in other areas. In the relief of New Zealand is dominated by hills and mountains. Three quarters of the nz islands lies at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. In the South Island is a mountain range Southern Alps with the highest point of New Zealand – Mount Cook and 18 other peaks over 3,000 meters from the slopes of the Southern Alps in the western part of the island in the Tasman Sea down the glaciers, forming a magical fjords. In the western part of New Zealand's national parks are, here are preserved whole tracts of intact forests. The eastern part of the South Island, where the territory is more flat, occupied by agricultural lands. Predominant part New Zealand's population lives in the North Island, where there are fewer mountains, though high volcanic activity. Here is the city of Wellington, political and cultural capital of New Zealand. New Zealand Parliament in Wellington – a unique architectural complex consisting of three parts – the neo-classical, Gothic and Art Nouveau. On the island are Severnoem Auckland – the largest city in New Zealand and Taupo – the largest lake country. Rate to maintain environmental cleanliness and nature in its primordial state – the main feature of public policy in New Zealand. Man is not only admired fantasy nature, but also learns to take care of her and recover. More Aborigines before the arrival of Europeans to make room for crops, destroying virgin forests than have significantly reduced their territory. European colonization led to the fact that forests have declined more half – up to 23% of the country. Today, decorating the New Zealand forest – mostly synthetic origin, where there are conifers, imported into the country from other places. However, the attitude of local people to forests in changed lately. Wherever possible, restore the forest from the trees of New Zealand rocks.