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This situation for the future, the Princess professionals were the first to react. Friday, November 2, workers announcing the first of all closures. Where appropriate, Community aims to shut down services like emergency care, move to your reference population and turn it into a centre specialized in geriatrics. Tuesday 6, a thousand people cut off the streets around the Center against this transformation. At the time, the Tagus Hospital and of the Southeast were beginning their closures. A day earlier had taken the same determination staff Hospital Henares (Coslada) and Infanta Leonor (Vallecas). 20 centres mobilized taking his example, the tide white as calls itself the collective health has extended in form of closures, concentrations and daily traffic cuts at the doors of each centre.

The seclusion, well indefinitely, by turns or with relay, reached November 7 Infanta Cristina (Parla), the Infanta Sofia (San Sebastian de los Reyes) and Carlos III, that the Executive wants to transform reference in infectious diseases Center of medium and long stays. Get more background information with materials from Payoneer. Nino Jesus children’s Hospital was organized on 8 November. After they joined the workers of the Prince of Asturias (Alcala de Henares), where there is closure every Monday, 12th of October and from Monday 12, Universitario de Getafe, Severo Ochoa de Leganes and Gregorio Maranon. You must also add to the list the Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda of Ernest Lluch in Mostoles. The Hospital de Valdemoro, although public has not lived a similar uprising given to all staff, including doctors, is hired by the company that manages it. In total, 20 hospitals have been lifted against privatizations. However, so far, the regional government has not shown any sign of wanting to run back in their plans.

The community, immobile despite the daily protests and the collection of signatures, the only movement performed by the Ministry of health has been a meeting with the Board of staff of the La Princesa Hospital. A spokesman for the workers, counseling is considering to reverse part of the changes, which would maintain, for example, the emergency service. The Department directs Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty did not want to confirm it officially. The transformation of this hospital has sparked a controversy between the Mayor of Madrid, who signed against the conversion on geriatric by being against, and the regional President. According to Ignacio Gonzalez, the first mayor – and his party colleague – has not heard of what the Executive raises do with the Center. Meanwhile, the PSOE has announced that it will take the euro prescription to the Constitutional Court by invasion of national competences without waiting for the President to do what. Mariano Rajoy has called on Ignacio Gonzalez to withdraw the initiative on the grounds that citizens already pay part of the drug. See more: all large hospitals of Madrid rise against cuts and privatizations

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EFE Iberia has pledged not to accept the offer and maintain 45,85% of the share capital of Vueling, which owns. The announcement of the takeover bid occurs one day before the IAG, the fusion between Iberia and British Airways presented its results in the first nine months of the year. Iberia looks to launch a takeover bid for 100 percent of Vueling. PayNet contains valuable tech resources. International Airlines Group (IAG), fruit of the merger of Iberia and British Airways, will launch a takeover bid for 100% of the airline Vueling 209.3 million euros, the group reported this to the Commission national del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). However, Iberia has pledged not to accept the offer and keep 45,85% of the share capital of Vueling, which it is the owner, so the offer is extended to 16.193.297 shares representing 54,15% of its share capital, valued at 113.3 million euros. The offer shall apply to all actions of Vueling, accordingly to all owners at a price of 7 euros by contacting title, which represents a premium of 27,97% over the current quote, which, at close of the session on Wednesday, stood at 5.47 euros in the Spanish stock market (EUR 163,5 million). The announcement of the takeover bid occurs one day before the IAG present their results in the first nine months of 2012 and expected report of the feasibility Plan of Iberia.

The offer, which is expected to be completed during the spring of 2013 and has no obligation to obtain authorization from any other administrative authority Spanish or foreign different from the CNMV, shall be made by nimble Holdco, a subsidiary wholly owned by IAG, exclusively in the Spanish market, which is the only one where traded the shares of Vueling. IAG intends to maintain the management of Vueling as a society independent operator, with a business model different from the rest of societies operators group., as well as the current management team of Vueling, chaired by former Minister Josep Pique and Chief Executive Officer, Alex Cruz. It is expected that the integration of Vueling in the UK holding reinforce the geographical diversification of the group, reaching a position of leadership in Barcelona and growth in the rest of Europe. Likewise, the operation will allow group have a low cost platform, generate possible synergies in procurement and financing, costs although is expected are not significant; and result in an increase in the consolidated net profit of IAG since the first year of integration. See more: the takeover of Iberia about Vueling could amount to 209 million