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Establish contact with politicians, legislators and rulers is not easy for employers, more if you want to work directly with them in obtaining solutions to social, political, economic, business, and so on. Political consulting is not only the monitoring of all political, national and international activities to make decisions in our company or business. It is much more than that: is working directly with various politicians, rulers and social actors, with the aim to carry out improvements to promote laws and agreements that favour the growth of our business. The foregoing is, in theory very attractive, but in practice is difficult for any entrepreneur, most if it is small, to raise the political ring to expose your proposals, suggestions, complaints, strategies, among others. And this is precisely where to enter political consulting services. With passes laws with sausages, it is better to not see how to do: Otto von Bismark El licenciado Gustavo Almaraz, general director of group strategy policy (GEP) considered that the proposals of the legislators can enrich through the political consultancy, since a political analysis of the problem, in order to design strategies that establish a lobbying with the Congress or the Executive branch. Although, to enable it to give this dialogue between businessmen/civil society and legislators, need lot of tact: to enter Congress requires a political advisory, because it is going to deal with politicians; so that the orientation of the groups wishing to enter should be political, that’s where comes the consulting: we are political operatives of the different issues, considers the Almaraz Bachelor. For its part, lawyer Julio Capuano, corporate liaison (www.ecorporativo.com) company, specializing in political analysis, considers as a main objective of this type of consulting services provide tools and elements for the decision-making by the customer in his political work. Politics is not a science exact: Otto von Bismark thereon, the methodology is not always accurate.

Protocol For Weddings

The Protocol for weddings is a very specific issue of weddings to which people usually do not place much attention. The truth is that many of us believe that to organize a wedding not required to have invitations, place of marriage, salon, banquet, musicians, etc. To well organize a wedding. The truth is that this is not so. It is possible to organize a wedding without having a good idea of what is the Protocol, the problem of this is that many of the things that will be at the wedding will be in a clumsy manner, while they will not be as effective as when they organise a wedding with a good protocol for weddings.

Well, but these instances it is possible that anyone who reads this article wondering is what mean when we talk about weddings Protocol? We are going to answer this important question. The Protocol for weddings are all those steps and rules that is recommended to continue so that a wedding is very well organized, with excellent attention to persons attending her or having to do with her and with all the elegance and class you may have a wedding. It is true that many this Protocol to weddings doesn’t sound them rather than to rules very complicated to a few people who live in the upper class and don’t know rather than worry about appearances. Well, this is not true. The truth is that the Protocol for weddings can save us many difficulties in organizing a wedding can also make wedding look very well, so that they will not only be to taste the guests but also the bride and groom and the family of the bride and groom who celebrate the wedding.

If you’re one of those people who are not interested much by the rules of tag or anything that may be similar, you should reconsider the idea, at least while you organize all the wedding. You will see that the rules of Protocol for weddings will not be as complicated as it sounds and if they will prove quite practical and necessary to make all matters relating to the Organization of the wedding easier and more fluent. If you want to give you the opportunity to follow a protocol for weddings, you can get many advisors with experience and professionally dedicated to the Organization of weddings that you they will guide a good way as regards the Protocol to weddings to make the wedding to organize an unforgettable wedding. There are many things that a person skilled in Protocol for weddings can advise us. These people we can advise on each and every one of the details that have to do with the Organization of the wedding. Thus, can explain practical details and sending and style to make the invitations for wedding, you can give us very good suggestions in the halls for wedding, the way to decorate them and negotiate with the companies of banquets, we can talk about truck lovers among other many details that it is important to well manage to organize a wedding. You will do this the Advisory following just some rules of Protocol for weddings. If you want your wedding to be unforgettable and everything goes very well, it may be advisable to get one of these experts to advise us on everything that we must bear in mind with regard to Protocol for weddings.