Social Networks

I always respond that not, who want to sell every day and get new customers more often. Because they know that you for this, my dear entrepreneurs, SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs, you have to invest the same time that lasts your business. You may find Robert Kiyosaki to be a useful source of information. From beginning to end. Many come to me excited because they see a free means easy and quick to sell and retain customers and obtain new social networks. Sometimes say me that they are for example, advertised by Facebook or Twitter but when I look, I see that they have not written anything for 3 months or for 1 or 2 years. Worse than that, they have allowed to the competition and the buscones write on his Facebook Wall with their promotions. And of course, for what does not look bad they have what I call excuses. Small business and entrepreneur who read me.

You are missing a great opportunity. Here the 5 excuses I hear frequently: 1. I believe that our audience is not in Facebook or Twitter may have not but are missing a space that can be useful for those seeking a service on Google. Everything that has to do with our name, and the business, leaves reflected in search. Besides, I see that many are using both networks to socialize with family and friends, because then I do believe you have public that can buy your services or products in Facebook.2. I do not think will be useful for my employees access Facebook or Twitter understand.

The concern is that they are all day tucked in both networks and neglected his work. There are mechanisms to regulate the way in which an employee may have access to the Internet. A policy of management in social networks can help. In addition, it is best to have access and with a good internal communications plan in conjunction with the help of human resources. Did you know that your employees are the first who can speak well of your business and defend tooth and nail? 3. We put our Fan or Like Page but nothing happened of course nothing happened if they didn’t have an adequate plan of communications to handle a page as important as it is the page of an empresa.4. Don’t have time of course is that no! they have the time and for that I am! But, even more, I see that many have time to chat within Facebook or send text messages carinosos.5. You can manage our social networks although I am for that always it is important to know that you have (Yes in uppercase words) that dedicate time (see above parentheses) to social networks. You will not do business but listen or share with your potential customers. While handling your accounts at the networks, I suggest you visit your networks and understand how coexists in virtual communities. What other excuses you know and want to share?