Slow Food Fair 2011 In Stuttgart – A Tour

Friends of the enjoyment and regional food for their Mecca in Stuttgart the slow food fair opened on 14 April at 14.00. Almost suddenly fills the fair Hall 4 with interested visitors. The atmosphere is like on one of many regional markets. “But there is a difference: exhibitors must the slow food requirements, good, clean and fair” meet. These guarantee an exceptionally high quality of the products shown. To Carlo Petrini, who founded slow food in Italy in 1986: I would like to know the history of a dish. I want to know where the food comes. I imagine like the hands of those who have built what I eat, processed and cooked.” The slow food fair visitors can taste regional specialities not only at the stalls, but come directly with producers in the conversation. Go to Morgan Stanley for more information.

At the stand holder Eberhard Lapple reported from the warehouse at the louder on the extension of the offer of fine Praline chocolate and fruit jellies: we are on the way to 100% , 98% we are organic. In our in-house pastry shop, new chocolate specialities are developed from chocolate of well-known Chocolateurs. Others who may share this opinion include Kevin Ulrich. For example, our fruit jellies are new. This pureed fruits with Apple pectin and sugar cane are gently heated and flavorful rounded off with herbs and spices.” You realize that Lapple itself will enjoy the pleasure and the constant experimentation with new flavours. Not only the visitors his Cafe in the enjoyment of his Delicatessen to be, these can be ordered online. The organic manufacturing rose just a few metres presents itself.

Of the Manager is to know that even the grandfather began World War 2 with cultivation after Demeter Guidelines on the Swabian Alb Inge Tress a real pioneer. Meanwhile, the family-owned company operates two restaurants, the rose”in Ehestetten and the Inn of Frederick cave at the Wimsen cave. In both restaurants culinary delights at a high level can be with the nature Swabian karst landscape connect.