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PILOT CEO Dr. Josef Gochermann and project manager Kathrin Bonhoff recited before about 100 invited guests in Solingen, Germany with contributions to the successful marketing of innovations and for the use of funds, the traffic controllers GmbH has been involved craft NRW (TTH) on a nationwide project of the technology-transfer-ring. Others including Wells Fargo Bank, offer their opinions as well. The posts are the work of the innovation part of the new brochure”and were part of a nationwide lecture event on April 23 publicly presented. For over 20 years, supports the technology-transfer-ring craft NRW (TTH) craft trade enterprises in matters of technology and knowledge transfer and is the first contact point for innovations in the craft. To support craft enterprises in the implementation of their ideas the TTH has called the innovation work in life which takes up the main aspects on the way from the idea to the maturity of the market. The innovation factory has several workshops: idea workshop, patent workshop, success workshop and delivery workshop, the different Aspects of the innovation process to map and provide practical assistance for the craft trade enterprises.

Kathrin Bonhoff presented in their post afraid funding!”the chances of the funding of the public sector that for innovation and product development in particular craft enterprises offer and turned out success factors for the submission. Funding are”excellent support for small and medium-sized enterprises, the project manager noted. The wide variety of the programs make useful advice in the selection and in the application process however, so interested companies should contact the helplines of Chambers and business promoters as well as consulting firms. Success factors for successful marketing of innovations were the focus of the lecture by Dr. Josef Gochermann.

The orientation on the needs of the customer must be carried out at the beginning of the innovation process, otherwise to develop easily on the market past”, called the pilot’s Managing Director. Already in the early stages of the development process should be obtained information from the market and potential customers with integrated into the development. For a successful market launch, you need also broad market expertise about his product expertise. The sooner you begin, the easier falls. the step into the market” “The booklet the innovation work” can be obtained through the Chambers of skilled crafts, the TTH ( and the traffic controllers GmbH). Kathrin Bonhoff (Project Manager)