Sarah Connor Sampled New Tour In Berlin

The right word was really hot: sexy dance by Sarah, to a pounding beat, which was to hear hundreds of feet and 32 degree August heat – a stage rehearsal near the boiling point. In the rehearsal hall at Black Box music in Berlin is the air, but only for a moment, then swirl six arms and legs in a groovy formation air conditioning and the stage in the imaginary audience. When Sarah and her two solo dancers sits already each step and her current album under my skin from her new album has ranked three of German sing Moose kind – it could not run better – still remains critical and demanding Sarah Connor. That must come – full table!” A short elbow check the stage Gallery to the other show dancers up the Gallery makes it clear what Sarah thinks. The temperatures, additionally heated up by the lights and stage lights, take their toll after hours. But it goes further, further, later on the tour it will hardly cool on stage.

Condition is required. Body language, Optics, power. Is filed at all and live in front of the cameras by Pro Sieben, which intersects with individual sequences of the planned tour. No wonder that in the catering area of fresh mint tea almost evaporated. The large jugs with the green leaves are needed such as Bionade and skull – a Guarana-black tea-Cola, currently featured scene drink in the bars in Neukolln, Kreuzberg and the Prenzlauer Berg. In addition to a lot of thirst and the feeling of being well prepared samples Stress produces but also simple hunger.

Healthy catering is therefore”a small but important building block in the overall concept of the tour planning, says Oliver Theissen of the organic caterer from Berlin. Behind sample scenes in Berlin revealed three days hard work, there’s also regeneration with a good and healthy catering important in addition to tangling, set lists, and Soundcheck. Our artist buffets, pay attention to a wide range of organic products and just ask what are the artists and the crew Apptitt. Beautiful fruit and minerals and good but our absolute candy -. our homemade nougat dumplings may be missing according to a recipe of the Uckermarker Streuberhofs also definitely not.”