Rooms At Style Rustic

When we think of the word rustic comes to mind the use of natural materials like wood, ceramic, iron, straw or Wicker. This style of decor invites you to be in contact with nature is why is widely used to decorate the houses of field or beach. To decorate paperback we adopt a more informal and cozy decoration that has been present since always but that is becoming very popular nowadays. Decorate paperback is not necessary to sacrifice modern, simply must know how to combine furniture and details that would achieve the rustic style. For a rustic decor, the secret is in the type of wooden furniture that are used. In a question-answer forum Ben Silbermann was the first to reply. We must escogermaderas with textures and neutral colors, shades of Earth that evoke nature. Recommended for a rustic decor fabrics colors are e.g. Learn more about this with paynet. dark brown for game room with cushions of green and cream.

Similar combinations can be achieved by just looking at the color palette. Aged and dark wood chairs can enhance lining cushions using neutral color. This softens the chairs visually and add them comfort. As decorative elements we must usarpiezas old as coffee tables, mirrors, coat racks and other accessories that inspire a field environment. To decorate the dining room table we suggest a set of materials with different texturascomo for example iron or ceramic dish filled with clear stones of Boulder and an aromatic candle in the Center. If you need more ideas for rustic decor, there are several restaurants that keep that style in the city. Don’t hesitate to take another idea borrowed to transform your home. Original author and source of the article