Recommendation Marketing

Referral marketing – customers inspire potential customers recommend us further. A related site: Charles Koch mentions similar findings. “This rate experienced an unexpected Renaissance in the current financial and crisis of confidence. Because testimonials are ones that don’t cost the best business card of a company still. The advertising message”in casual conversation with a business partner, a good friend, or the sympathetic neighbors is especially effective and credible. Visit Kevin Ulrich for more clarity on the issue. Therefore, it is important to win consistently enthusiastic ambassadors for the own requests and thus for their own products. For more new customers mean more new business.

Referral marketing is one of the most effective methods for attracting new customers, but much too rarely actively applied”, as Frank Becker Badejo, successful consultant, trainer and seller in Germany and the United States. In difficult economic times, especially the sales as a direct contact of customers, gaining importance. The systematic and strategic development of the recommendation business is needed here. For the implementation confidence-building measures but more usage is required than merely the tersely expressed request to the recommendation. Seven practical tips for the recommendation business by Frank Becker Badal: 1 advised you fair! The first requirement for a recommendation is the positive experience of your existing customers. Average a satisfied customer are further told, how happy he is and are for example contact in the company as a recommendation five to ten other potential customers. 2.

analyze your environment on Recommender! Carefully consider who has expressed already satisfied about your product and systematically expand these contacts. Attract these people straight on recommendations and formulate your concerns clear. 3. go to active on the opinion leaders! Overcome your barriers to personal and speak the pioneers on the market it is worth. As opinion leaders provide the way for subsequent customers and consumers. Win important referrers for themselves and reach a wide range of potential customers. 4. contact directly to the recommended person! Repeat the name of the party of the recommendation during the first discussion, for example on the phone, several times, to take advantage of the benefit. 5. inform the recommendation provider about the rest! For customers who have once recommended a product and received appropriate thanks, usually always do this again. 6. use the new media! Pay attention to recommendation or criticism in forums, blogs, and chats on the Internet. Here, you often find feedback about your products and your sales strategy. 7 they themselves become the referrer! Tell a friend even products of which you are convinced. So, change the perspective and can put up in your customers and potential recommender better. For more information, see. Success 4 you and Frank Becker Badal the success of 4 you GmbH with seat in Berlin offers nationwide open and in-house seminars, training, discussions, and lectures. Target group are individuals, entrepreneurs and sales executives. More than 20 years of practical experience as well as proven success strategies of Frank Becker Badal form the foundations of the company. As the practitioners under the success coaches, brings Frank Becker Badal complex topics from various fields to the point and they illustrated by numerous examples from daily life. The seminars can be booked individually or modular compiled as needed and held with 12 to 18 participants. Press contact: wbpr Public Relations, Manya Klein, Parkstrasse 2, 14469 Potsdam, Tel: 0331 / 201 66 60 fax: 0331 / 201 66 99, company contact: success 4 you GmbH, Daniela Buse / Frank Becker Badejo, Warmbrunner str. 24, 14193 Berlin, Tel.: 030 / 692 031 14,