RDL Agreement

Viability plan that ensures continuity in the short and the medium term reported by independent expert. Requires that the agreement responds to a viability plan that allows continuity of the debtor in the short and medium term, and that such a plan be endorsed by independent expert appointed by the mercantile Registrar, as envisaged in the arts. 338 et seq. of regulation of the mercantile registry, RRM). The expert should pronounce on the sufficiency of the information provided by the debtor, on the reasonable and workable character of the plan’s feasibility and proportionality warranties in accordance with market conditions at the time of the irma f. As to the consistent requirement that the refinancing agreement formalized in public instrument that necessarily must unite all the documents that justify the fulfilment of legal requirements to enjoy immunity of termination ex Article 71.1 LC, I can not keep what I have argued elsewhere in this publication, and it is that it seems excessive to meas much the first additional provision of the 3/2009 RDL configure them as documents without amount for the purposes of the notary tariff and to establish that the folios of the matrix and copies from the tenth folio, inclusive, shall not accrue any amount. A debtor who is about to exceed the maximum term of the 5.1 LC without having even reached the refinancing agreement may, without incurring risk of guilty competition for extemporaneous presentation, alternatively begin negotiation for an early proposal for a Convention, carry out communication 5.3 LC and enjoy an additional period of 4 months to reach the agreement of refinancing or accessions to the Convention proposal. Source consulted.: Fernando Azofra, the notary in the 21st century.