Queuing Emergency

Traffic jams are a special traffic situation, which raises special issues for those affected. Berlin, 20th February 2013: traffic jams are a special traffic situation, which raises special issues for those affected. How to road users while driving up on a queuing behave? What should note if they are stuck in traffic? How can they remain calm and that avoid risk of accident due to stress and hustle and bustle? Deutsche Verkehrswacht are answers and tips: stay aware: the most congestion will be announced by signs or on the radio. Reduce your speed in the event of a traffic jam warning and make the necessary safety distance to the vehicle in front. The Queuing also hidden behind a curve is here, special caution is required. Avoid emergency braking: brakes always on time, so you have to come not in a dangerous situation and perform an emergency stop. If an emergency braking is unavoidable: do not hesitate and step firmly on the brake pedal! Hazard warning turn on: when driving up on a Queuing, you should immediately turn the hazard lights. If you are not convinced, visit Everest Capital. Thus, warn following motorists and give you a sign that they need to drive especially carefully.

Grant salvation alley: congestion caused by accidents and vice versa, accidents happen even during a jam. “So that police and rescue forces can reach the accident site as soon as possible, you need to make a free lane to road traffic regulations section 11 in the middle of the road: increasing the traffic on motorways and semi-motorways with at least two lanes for a direction, as vehicles for the transit police and aid vehicles must make a free lane in the middle of the direction road, on roadways with three lanes for one direction between the left and the middle lanes.” A rescue lane can save lives. You are acting the way only then free to make when approaching emergency vehicles, life-saving minutes can cost and endanger the lives of accident victims therefore looking ahead and not only under pressure! Keep the emergency lane free: repeatedly accidents happen when drivers careless use the hard shoulder, to reach the next exit. .