Public Administration

Analysis of ITSM Consulting AG has identified eight core problems with long-range Bodenheim, 29.06.2011 – a growing pressure to reduce costs is not the only challenge that must address the authorities IT long ago. Frank Zielke, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, has derived from its wide eGovernment experience eight core issues collected: 1 too much central control and management of IT, although the authorities are decentralized: undoubtedly significant advantage effects hidden in a centrally oriented organization, because as a result the services can be designed more efficiently. Which is however, that the special features in the decentralized public transport units accept too little consideration with their specific requirements. In this respect, it experienced the practice on the ground that their needs to be neglected, resulting in consequence of adversely affecting their performance. 2. the central budgeting and financial control also helps prevent a control of actual IT needs on the spot: the authorities missing not only decentralized decision-making freedoms for their IT-alignment, but because the financial planning authority as well as the IT structure is centrally aligned, are completely restricted in their scope.

Would be necessary therefore to give the budget for IT investments and measures partially in the responsibility of the authorities. Such an arrangement would help targeted and faster reflect their specific needs without affecting it the basic principle of central control. 3. lack of professional requirements management: the central IT can think in little in the real requirements of the administrative structures, conversely the administrative professionals speak the language concerning it. too little As a result, Projects can get any valid results and ensure sustainable success. For this reason is to create a moderation function, which both sufficiently understand technical issues as well as the processes in the Administration and therefore constructively may intervene at the request of management. 4. a to low knowledge transfer between Central and decentralised structures: regardless the problems in managing IT projects request lacks most fundamentally a decentralized and Central common knowledge base.