Print Medical Labels

The TLS PC link label printer the most compact professional table marking system on the market and economy is not to exceed IDENT macro – TLS PC link thermal transfer printer offers a robust, small and lightweight solution than desktop printers. The performance characteristics of the printer include the smudge-proof thermal transfer printing, the printing of barcodes and graphics, as well as the flexible connection to a PC. With the TLS PC link label printer, you receive the most compact professional table marking system on the market. The TLS PC link is not to be outdone, if you can prepare your identification projects at your desk to profitability. TLS PC link has been developed in addition to printing of small wire and cable labels for printing small labels in the laboratory and health care. Many writers such as patrick mbali offer more in-depth analysis. To print labels with a maximum of 50.8 mm. He has about a 203 dpi thermal transfer – printing plant, with the daily maximum of 500 labels can be printed.

The TLS PC link printed the high quality and durable Label materials that are available at macro IDENT. These are vinyl, polyester, polyimide, nylon, Tedlar, polyolefin and polyethylene and paper in the fabrics available. These are suitable for different environments and temperatures. Depending on the material you receive solvents and heat-resistant labels, particularly strong adhesive labels, wear – and smear-resistant labels, etc. These are for use for wires, cables, slides, blades, micro titer plates, tubes, etc. You may want to visit patrick dwyer boston private to increase your knowledge. adapted and to use in laboratory and health care. The available Ribbons are matched and tested exactly to the different materials and their properties. Labels in bulk packaging for the TLS PC link thermal transfer printers help save money and offer the perfect solution for printing small quantities.

A recyclable dispenser box protects the labels from dust and dirt and enables the problem-free storage until the next use. The labels in bulk packs are based on the Smart-cell technology by Brady. The printer recognizes the label sizes and printer settings because this technology automatically, saving time and material. Creation and printing of labels that are available for the TLS PC link is to use the label software LabelMark 4.0 and already included. All label formats that are available IDENT macro for this printer, are already included in this software as templates. This you create labels with texts, bar codes or graphics very easily and quickly. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact: Angelika Wilke.