Power Pack

Edition”also has on-board computer to offer the FlexRail center console, cruise control, and ambient lighting. In the Cosmo model, there are in addition Abbiege and headlights, fog lights, leather steering wheel (incl. steering wheel heating), parking aid, heated seats and 16-inch alloy wheels. Power Pack under the hood has one fought even through the long list of options and satisfies the needs, remains the choice of the drive. Currently, Opel for the Meriva offers three gasoline engines and five common-rail diesel engines. The performance spectrum ranges from 75 to 140 HP. In addition to the top facilities of Cosmo, our test car has also the strongest engine the 1.4 ECOTEC Turbo 140 HP.

Thus it is not underpowered in the spacious small car segment with security. The gasoline engine combined with a manual six-speed gearbox has a maximum torque of 200 nm which is relatively abruptly from 1850 RPM. The power reserves sufficient every now and then to give the spurs the Meriva, as economic wishing family head, but will prefer the relaxed driving style. It affects positively the consumption. 6.7 liter average fuel consumption gives Opel for the 140-HP Meriva. In the city, it can be almost nine litres.

Killed on the reality, you must adjust so to 7.5 to 8.5 litres. Gain not only visually has won clearly the new Meriva generation driving comfort, also with regard to driving comfort are clear improvements to note. Front and rear axle were derived from the big brother Zafira. ESP and traction control are part of the standard equipment. The wheelbase of 2.64 metres and the wider track compared to the previous permit a confident handling. Together with the good suspension tuning, a fine ride is available. The power steering was replaced by an electro-hydraulic system instead of the electrical system. As a result, you get better feedback from the road. Conclusion the new Opel Meriva is with the 100-HP entry petrol engine as 17,250 euro available. The 1.4 we tested ECOTEC Turbo version with Cosmo-facilities appear in the price list with 23.350 euro and as mentioned a very fine series equipment to offer. A larger Zafira with equal performance, but the previous engine is available to 27.270 euro. Cool calculator, which find their receipt from the space of the Meriva, Opel can integrate recent Scion so confidently in the purchase decision and forward over a finely designed, practical car, from the competition to break away that white. by Thomas Weibold, autonet.at