Physician Yong Chong

Carlos Arturo Trujillo Physician Yong Chong graduated from the Cayetano Heredia, a specialist in surgery, purge professional conviction in a Lima, sentenced for Trafficking in Children and Medical Abortion, appeared last Sunday in a grade of “Weekly Report” in Frecuencia Latina making statements of tremendous importance to the National Medical Body and Society, which are summarized as two key areas, the first of these is that the physician referred to shows a REPENTANCE, apparently sincere, which recognizes the professional nature of Abortion and confesses with cameras that really felt great guilt at the time that children executed on behalf of their parents in exchange for money, ie that killed unborn children … commissioned by the Royal Academy of the language these people are called … SICARIO! , In the same interview, Mr currently suspended by the Medical College, tears about to break out of his eyes, calls to physicians in Peru, not to fall into the trap of Abortion, to think “Cien times “before becoming Assassins, because in the end will poke Justice behind bars, the bars also Morales of guilt that in some corner of Alma imprisons them and we let them sleep, as they could not Nazi soldiers day Jews murdered and at night played tenderly with their babies in the rooms of their homes. Click Hyundai to learn more. These statements remind us that we read in the book “The Hand of God” (The Hand of God) or “The Silent Scream” (The Silent Scream), Dr. Bernard Nathanson, American gynecologist who has in his autobiography have made about 75,000 Abortions, have promoted legislation for this crime with false statistics in bribing Institutions “scientific” to publish false information and to have given money to some doctors speak and write in favor of abortion any resemblance to reality in Peru today is pure coincidence, and then reneged on the rows of abortions and became a lasa catolicisimo rows and Culture for Life, is the close relationship between God and the natural law inscribed by him, and Human Nature. Currently from the scientific point of view, is an apodictic truth that Abortion is a crime, there is no serious debate on this issue is already settled, the issue of abortion is a matter of arithmetic, since, as stated in report the colleague charged between 400 and 500 soles and had about 20 abortions per day, 364 days a year, with only rested on the day of innocent children on 28 December. In Peru and Trujillo Abortorios There are still operating with impunity, there are still Human Slaughterhouses where the arithmetic is the only reason, there are still doctors who profit and live desecrating the essence of medicine, it is therefore necessary that some colleagues as “one hundred Think times “before becoming … Assassins! .. . To read more click here: Linkedin.