PGI Communication

Undoubtedly, it occupies a central place in the effectiveness and functional quality of the family system. These studies, cited above constitute an important precedent for considering the educational communication addressed by the educator to families, promotes the formation of the personality of students, however, experiences are not recorded this theme for the preparation of the Comprehensive General Professor (PGI) in regard to family education, which contributes to the stimulation of family-adolescent communication, school, vocational technical education. This encourages the perpetrators of this research work to deepen the matter. Carrie Levin: the source for more info. In conducting a preliminary study of this problem (2005-2006) to characterize the current state of the same result was obtained: v There are gaps in the family-adolescent communication are evident in the form of oral manifestation of the student, for treatment with their parents. v The students show behavioral disturbances, learning, emotional, whose causes are given by family conflicts and misunderstandings. v There is full control of the characterization psychology of students and their families by some PGI. v The system of educational activities aimed at adolescents and their families arising from the plan of each PGI group intervention is not always a focus differentiating to meet the real needs of these. v Most of the PGI, devotes much time to the preparation of a curriculum plan, and limit the improvement related to family education. Based on theoretical analysis, we intend to solve the contradiction expressed limitations in general teacher preparation to stimulate communication integrated family-school-teen, for it is developing a propose Family Education Program aimed at compliance this goal.