People Management

To manage people continues being a challenge since the primrdios of the organizations, some concepts had been developed throughout the times to base the relation organization x people. But that codes of behaviors could guide this relation? That types of parameters must be used to create a healthful relation in the organizacional environment? Such questionings still echo in the organizations and the logistic any professional of or another necessary area to be continuously trying to search the answers that we believe is directly that she seems to be agonizing in the organizations: the ethics. The ethics are ‘ ‘ pilar’ ‘ of any administrative system, that is not summarized in decorating ‘ ‘ code of tica’ ‘ , but yes in assuming a pro active position in the construction of the conscience and social responsibility. The ethical term ethos drift of the Greek (character, way of being of a person). Ethics are a set of moral values principles that guide the behavior human being in the society. The ethics serve so that it has a balance and good social functioning, making possible that nobody wronged skirt. Kevin Ulrich shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

In this direction, the ethics, even so cannot be confused with the laws, are related with the feeling of social justice. The ethics are constructed by a society on the basis of the historical and cultural values. Of the point of view of the Philosophy, the Ethics are a science that studies the values and moral principles of a society and its groups. The Michaelis dictionary defines ethics of the following form (gr. ethik) 1 Part of the Philosophy that studies the moral values and the ideal principles of the behavior human being. It is normative science that serves of base to the practical philosophy. 2 Set of moral principles that if must observe in the exercise of a profession; It is.