Alvaro Murillo New Director

A work that the newly elected are warmly welcomed. I am very happy and motivated with the new feature that was me just entrust. From now on I’ll coordinate all marketing actions with the purpose of creating new business strategies based on intensifying relations with the pharmaceutical industry and detect new demands, explains. With this promotion Murillo, (married and with two children), leaves behind his position in Mediformplus as Coordinator consulting Farmacias and previously as a strategic consultant and Manager of fidelity. In terms of their training noted that since its inception specialized in the Marketing Branch obtaining title as a technical specialist in Marketing at the Universidad San Pablo CEU and master’s degree in Marketing and management traded by the school ESIC. In addition, your resume contained in a wide experience in the Marketing industry having been Sales & Marketing Manager at Valassis Comunications, consultant of direct Marketing at Equifax Iberica and delegate sales in laboratories Inexfa. ABOUT MEDIFORMPLUS is the company that more actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management).All this to achieve differentiated pharmacies and prepare them to work effectively to a future of great changes. They are integrated by professionals with extensive experience in the sector, with extensive knowledge of management tools that the pharmacy today needs.

Luis Soria Medina

Today I want to talk about the 3 classes of people who exist in the world: the first kind of person, they are all those that depend on a salary from a job, they are from the 7, 8, or 9 in the morning until 6, 8, 9 of the night, and that is every day, to collect a salary to make ends meeti.e. people are exchanging salary with money, many of them even have 3 jobs, in order to achieve a little more than money. These individuals are those found in the so-called race of rats, i.e. they are in the wheel where mounted to a ratita and this one that runs and runs and runs, making a great effort to the end not to get anywhere. The second group are those who have a business, they are their own bosses, but guess who, at the end they become employees of their own business, why? Because also have to exchanging time for money, they have to be present in your business to generate profits, and the day in which they decide to not open because there is no profit, and if there is no gain because they are not eating. As you can see are also found in a wheel of rats, where they run and run and not going to any side, but the good thing is that they already decided to do something different like earning their income with your own business.

Now the third group of people are those owners of business, that they earn their money this way are not working, so it is not present in your business, and receive residual income. Who are the residual income?. This is to discuss a somewhat extensive topic, but let’s say briefly: people in the first group and second group obtain linear income. linear income are those who are paid for their work, i.e. always have to be there to be able to win, you always have to open your business to be able to win. People in the third group receive their income in a residual manner, i.e.

do not have the need to be present in your business, in order to receive your winnings. That’s roughly the difference between linear and input waste but and who are these people? From the third group? They are those people who have their businesses working in automatic way, they made one you can see the I work and receive their income on a monthly basis, in a residual way. Among them are the people who invest in the stock market, they buy shares sold shares and make your money work for them. Others are people who have a building, and rent apartments, as you can see they made a single see work, they hired an ingienero, architect, Masons etc, then rent the apartments, and receive every month the payment of all rents that my friends are residual income. The authors of books and songs also receive residual income for your disks. But there is an activity that also gives you these huge benefits of residual income, and the MLM or Network Marketing. Belonging to an MLM company you log in automatically to the third group, where you have your own business, you do a job one you see and receive residual income of lifetime. Now I make a question does your in that group these?

3 Ways To Increase Subscribers

There are many strategies to increase subscribers to a newsletter. In this article we will show some of them. Content. Provides quality content and where possible, original. There are many places where you can find quality articles for publication in newsletters freely keeping the author credits. But the best is to create own items from your experience and your own personal touch. Many will subscribe after reading some of the quality articles published in your newsletter.

Multiple hooks. He thinks that the internet is a fish that navigate through your pages and each subscription is a chance to hook. Do you think the fish will bite the hook easily? Provides the ability to subscribe to your newsletter from multiple web sites. Do not just put a form on the homepage, you can subscribe to the newsletter from all pages on the web. At the beginning of TWM Newsletter (Web Marketing Techniques), offered the possibility of subscription only from the home page when I included the possibility of subscription from all pages, subscribers grew rapidly. Even also offer the possibility of subscription in various parts of the page, also increases subscribers. For a while I was testing different methods. Including the possibility of subscription also at the end of the pages did increase significantly high.

They also use pop-ups is a good way to increase subscribers, although certain special touch as they are considered annoying by many Internet users and can hinder navigation. You may use “cookies” to display the pop-up only once and not to create discomfort continued. A powerful hook. A lot of people do not like to leave your e-mail, then I fear that flood the inbox of spam. This is not so obviously serious message, but as the saying goes: “we pay for the sins.” To minimize this negative effect is to offer a great gift just because you subscribe to newsletter. You need not be an expensive gift for us, but it must be valuable to the sector where the newsletter is addressed. Think for example in a document of special interest, an interesting ebook, etc. This article describes three ways to increase subscribers to a newsletter, are not the only, much less but I would say they are “mandatory” if it wants to have a good list of subscribers. If you are not using these three techniques together, apply them as soon as possible or you will lose subscribers! Pastor Albert is the author of “Keys to Success for Internet Business” and director of tricks, ideas, strategies for business Online. He is editor of the newsletter Web Marketing Techniques “which you can subscribe for free in.


You don’t have to worry about how the business is doing in general. You will receive your Commission on the basis of what you sell. Affiliate marketing companies are generally well established, so you don’t have to worry about the stability of your business’s affiliate. Advertising is an important part of any business. If you are an individual owner, advertising depends exclusively on you. You have to have enough money in your budget to hire someone, or make a campaign yourself.

The first involves a considerable flow of money and the latter requires a lot of time. With the marketing of affiliate advertising is borne by the company to which you’re promoting you their products or services, you can stay completely calm and also you get advantage of this. These companies, generally manage you everything you need in the form of brochures, catalogs and product information. It is also likely that you receive good advice about the best way to sell products. The affiliate programs should try to help you as much as possible, it is for their own benefit, do not forget that you generate revenue and this should be reciprocal. Finally, many times will need support and advice when starting a business.

If you are an individual owner, you have to hire professionals to do so. This is in additional costs for your business. With the marketing of affiliate, there must be a representative giving you a hand that can put in contact with you for support and advice. This service is usually free for all members. Business is difficult, no matter how approaches. Any path you take will require hard work and dedication. However, if you want to work for yourself, why not join a program where the majority of the work is done for you? With the marketing of affiliate, the risk is virtually zero. This allows you time to concentrate on what you must do to obtain the maximum benefits and to the creation and growth of your business.

Digital Book

Two wonderful and products easy to create articles with private label rights are: electronic books and Audio products. If you have purchased a collection of articles on a topic of your domain, you can easily convert it into an eBook or Digital Book of great quality. Once you have compiled your book can put you to produce money by either selling it or giving away it. In the first case the revenue are immediate with the sale of its e-book. In the second case, he is giving his book, but it will contain a series of links to affiliate products that you are promoting.

When people come to the web site where it will be the product through your link and buy it, you can get a significant Commission. It’s that easy. As I’ve said repeatedly, ideas it is that rewrite his articles with his knowledge and his ideas and others, with their own style. Otherwise, you could hire someone who rewrite them, which will imply a cost additional for your business. Similarly, you could use their articles and produce a Tutorial on audio and even a course.

All you need is, record the contents of the articles of his property in any field that represents a good niche market and of which you have some knowledge or has investigated. The topics that people seek currently are abundant and you can become an expert in a subject, giving your prospects audios with good content. This way of presenting the products is very accepted, since many people who want to learn about something and don’t have time to read, can listen to them with any MP3 device, even can listen to the audio while driving your car. A good idea is to deliver the audio files with the respective transcription so people decide whether read or listen to the audio, or both at the same time. The above can do so also with an e-book on which you purchased the rights. You can make a series of audio tutorials and deliver them in multiple deliveries or if the you prefer, as a comprehensive course, divided into chapters hearing. The two business ideas that I show you in this article are easy to develop, no large investment is required and you can give them a stylish presentation before releasing them to the market with minimal cost. Once you have created them, only thing you must do is, put a capture form on your web site or blog, provide a report, e-book or audio, free and start building your list of subscribers who can offer their quality products. Stay in touch and learn more about business ideas and more.

Enebral Fernandez

Within the business processes of a company should be considered the innovation process that covers from the generation of ideas, through viability test until the marketing of the product or service. Ideas can refer to develop or improve a new product, service or process. Innovation requires awareness and balance to transport ideas, of the imaginary or fictional field, field projects and implementations. Jose Enebral Fernandez, on the relevance of the topic says, that when talking about competition, we mean not only companies in the sector that threaten to reduce our presence in the market, but also to everything what can discourage our customers, including, for example, new habits, values and trends emerging in society. Obviously, in moments of crisis, also compete with all that to the client primarily directs their purchasing power: If you can manage without our products/services, our business will suffer and we have survival solutions.Even with the economic situation just improving, will have much care for our competitiveness in the global market.

Porter and other authors have given us valuable input on competitive strategy and differentiation, but everyone must continue to reflect the connection on our business, attentive to the environment and anticipating the future, nourish and maintain our solidity. And speaking of innovation, can not think only in technological renewal or the incorporation of best practices, but also and perhaps above all, in delving into the terra incognita of knowledge in each field (technical or business management), and generate new, valuable, attractive solutions offered by anyone yet, for those who customers expect them perhaps unknowingly. We also have appropriate reflections of many authors here Ridderstrale spoke to us of temporary monopoly, as also very instructive cases in the generation of innovations of impact.Indeed, in the era of knowledge and lifelong learning, we must learn what others know, but, also, what anyone; not yet known We must investigate, explore, discover, devise, i.e., to innovate, to attract the attention of the market. We do not innovate in sufficient measure, nor always hit with the news that we generate; sometimes missing tuning with the needs or expectations of customers, if it is not already failed their own identification. We sometimes also identify genuine emerging competition, and perhaps unsuccessful decisions.

Areas to innovate tells us about them Enebral Hernandez, Vadim Kotelnikov pointed out some as: the products and services offered. Functional processes. Relations with customers. Own innovation management. The quality assurance system. Direction or management system Enterprise. Production techniques. The management of information and knowledge. The organizational culture. Harnessing human capital conclusions not to neglect the potential that each brings and gives way to innovation, but since then, consider all factors that favor him so that when it manifests itself, established actions, plans that favor him in the objectives, results that derive from it. Being attentive management on modern business behavior and his participation in established markets, can become aware of weaknesses in some competing companies and enable innovation so that it is a competitive advantage that will help towards the plans defined in relation to the conquest and permanence of achieved market. It should not be overlooked that innovation: improving the relationship with the client to present you new benefits. It allows new arguments to sales. It increases the level of sales to press onto the replacement’s product index. Improves the image of company presenting it as active and modern.

Santa Marta

Such was the origin of the powerful waterfall, present testimony that formidable flood and the time Zoe heard the prayers of his people, and saved him from destruction. The Lake started to diminish; a slow and steady, so as they had risen, the waters were going down, and within a few days the Earth returned to be completely dry. The chibchas rebuilt their houses and their temples, cultivated the fields as before, and memory kept the memory of the terrible days in which his entire nation was on the verge of perishing. Foundation of Fe the main expedition towards the interior it undertook from Santa Marta, in the month of August 1536, the lawyer and justice major don Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, with 820 men of a foot and 85 horsepower, while his officers, with 5 ships and 200 men, should follow waters above the Magdalena. This expedition by the River was almost completely annihilated.

Quesada, in both, advanced, amid continuing struggles with the Indians, through the impenetrable tropical jungle, full of thorny plants and tight trunks full of poisonous spiders, worms, scorpions and snakes, bats and mosquitoes. The soldiers, with the wounded bodies and torn dresses, fed on fruits and roots; the expedition there appeared that eat up the leather of their teams. Some had been blind, others walking lame, others were caught, even of the hammocks where slept, by the Tigers, which most ever deeper into its attack on the expedition. Often they were threatening mutiny troops; but the unshakeable determination of the Chief pushed relentlessly through the high peaks today are inaccessible for people on foot, the more for riders, and therefore are far away and abandoned all communication. One day the expedition sighted from a high mountain fields extensive, large planted of corn and potatoes, fruit trees and flower gardens. And in that pleasant region, fresh and abundant in water, also glad people were. Indians, terrified by the arms and outside roar in the sight of the horses, believed to form a single being with rider, taking them by creatures above, submitted almost without resistance and humiliated before gods to the power of the conquerors.


How recognizes a love memories stored images, kisses and words that we treasure soul living always in present are itself not only the experiences of our reasons exist when I doubt if I love when I do not know nor want me to lie when in my silence I call them and they jump and come to me convince Me of the truth of what I can not abolish a woman that He loves each of his experiences because it has taken over me I remember her a caress his velvety rubbing on my skin the first time that sitting on me with all learned tenderness, I kissed her in a moment of fulfillment, peace your mind left open and I walked in their sublime thoughts that really, I fell I felt it and I sawcry many times, not of pain, sadness or grief she struggled with force by my love and especially that first kiss sealed in a delivery sublime endless were moments that are only printed when the soul that dictates what makes them to be able to redeem any concrete, absurd questions that memories cling always when you item where they exist distances when searching for an answer when knowing what we know one to taste, ask the name of the woman who one wants to that one adores, which one ame. Samuel Akinin Levy Como recognizes a love memories stored images, kisses and words that we treasure soul living always in present are itself not only the experiences of our reasons exist when I doubt if I love when I do not know nor want me to lie when in my silence I call them and they jump and come to me convince Me of the truth of what I can not abolish a woman that love with each of their experiences already has taken over me I remember her a caress his velvety rubbing on my skin the first time that sitting on me with all learned tenderness, I kissed her in a moment of fulfillment, peace your mind left open and I walked in their sublime thoughts that really, I fell in love I felt it and I saw, crying many times, not of pain, sadness or grief she struggled with force by my love and especially that first kiss sealed in a sublime delivery, without end They were moments that are only printed when the soul that dictates what makes them to be able to redeem any concrete questions, absurd that the memories always cling when she fears where there are distances when searching for an answer when knowing what we know one to taste, ask the name of the woman who one wants to that one adores, who one loves.

Hadassah Hospital

The secret of eternal youth has always been an elusive goal: as we grow more, more wish to conserve our energy, physical and mental performance, and, most importantly, we want to know: how extend our life expectancy as much as possible? An investigation of 13 years of the third age citizens made by the Department of rehabilitation and Geriatrics of Hospital Hadassah of Mount Scopus, has shown determining that one of the most clear answers to these questions, is as simple as economic: keep working. Want to live longer? Works as you can and offer volunteer if you cannot work said Dr. Yorma Maaravi who is leading the investigation. The study, involving about 1000 people of the third age, all of them born in 1920, found that working or by volunteering, it significantly increases the opportunities to operate best at a later age. Those who continued to work after 70, a charge already be payment or voluntary, have many more possibilities to continue with life and cope Bobo way, at the age of 77 and even more. There is little difference, according to the study, if the work or volunteering is daily or weekly, and we did not find a relationship between the type of work and the physical effort required. Yet the work that did not require physical effort, was beneficial.

According to Maaravi, the current director of the Department of Geriatrics and rehabilitation of the University of the Hadassah Hospital, the benefits of the work are not limited to bring home a pay, since voluntary work has the same beneficial effects as the work payment. Work has a great effect; We can not determine if the reasons are physical or mental, but we clearly affirm that you have great relationship with personal satisfaction, to enjoy oneself and with the socialization expressed. It is as important as keeping oneself busy to keep moving.

Frequently Plan

Complete sections of your business plan as you move the Assembly. 4. Assemble the business plan attractively so that it works as a sales tool. 5. Send your business plan to those experts for the category you are interested to know your opinion. 6 Detail their strategies on how it intends to handle adversities. 7 Detail the strengths and weaknesses of your management team.

8. Include an annual projection of the detailed monthly cash flow. 9 Frequently modify their business plans to take account of changing conditions. 10. Hire the professional services of consultants specialized in business plans. Top ten what not should be 1. Not be optimistic to increasing sales estimates. 2. Do not be optimistic cost estimates to decline. 3. Don’t ignore or subtract importance to weaknesses in their plan. Detail them. 4. Do not focus on projections of long term. It is better to focus on projections for the first year. 5. Do not rely entirely on the originality of your business or the success of an invention. 6. Do not want to give the impression of being someone who is not. Be realistic. 7. Do not want to be everything for everyone. Specialists highly targeted usually are better. 8. Do not go ahead without adequate financial and economic knowledge. 9. Don’t base your business plan in a wonderful concept. Test it first. 10. Do not avoid the step of preparing a business plan before you begin. What is a Business Plan? The main value of your business plan will create a written outline that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture, including a description and an analysis of the prospects for your business.