Optimize Hair Growth

Even if baldness there with K17 significant success. We recommend the product but also men with receding hairline or thinning hair. More and more young men, hair problems come to us, it not only older men are affected. LEA Winkler: Can you explain the hair loss with these young people? Mrs reason: When we began to sell in our salon K17, we visited a seminar by Mr Samuels, the inventor of the hair growth codes. (He discovered and developed also K17…) Product K17 is also a book available, which shows the way to conflict resolution. The conflict of a separation of any kind can be among others a cause or a trigger for hair loss. Fixes the cause of the problem by means of conflict resolution and K17 significantly supports the healing and accelerated it. At closer inspection demands towards the customers, can be certainly always find the separation conflict as a trigger for hair loss.

LEA Winkler: You have spoken until now only positive K17, there were no cases in which the product was ineffective? Mrs reason: Of course, I have an interest that my Salon runs smoothly. I want satisfied customers. I would not recommend K17, if I was not convinced of the effectiveness. Also it is natural and caused no side effects, only the hair grow back. We focus in particular on the product of the hair growth code K17. The daughter of a staff member after the death of her father also suffered hair loss, she ate into the grief in itself. K17 helped her significantly, the paper on conflict resolution has not read them because she are for the time being all against the method. However, K17 proved its effectiveness.

My son runs a hair salon, I also recommended him K17. With him, there was until now only one case, a young man, where K17 scored no successes. LEA Winkler: May the conflict as a cause of hair loss is not been resolved here. Woman: That is possible. I will recommend my customers K17 in hair loss in any case continue to because we have so many happy customers and clients with us, which We can now cut the hair. LEA Winkler: And here I wish you continued good luck and much success. K17, a product that convinced. But seems to be the mental conflict and its solution also of fundamental importance to be. K17 the experiences of women reason to judge, is an effective product that optimizes your hair growth.