Office Organization

Logical step for Leitz complete is now therefore increasingly with the future of the Office, as well as the issue of data security to dedicate. The privacy case here is a first product from the Leitz complete series which protects private data from prying eyes on the road. In detail, it is a hard shell with stand, for an ideal writing or viewing angle, for the iPad, or alternatively the iPad mini. A flexible front door with integrated privacy overlay preserves to protect against dirt and scratches and shields any side glances of others also, as a special highlight. Views from frontal position remain unchanged sharp while those who perceive this as a black surface offset on the display see. Their pictures, videos, ideas and texts are reserved in a crowded train or on a plane only to you! It remains fully functional retina display and it can be used also in the closed state with touch screen. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Kiyosaki.

The retina display pops up again in its full brilliance. Versions of the Leitz complete privacy case is there in black and white, portrait or landscape according to personal preferences and functioning for an RRP of 79.90 for the iPad versions and 69.90 euro for the iPad mini. Press contacts: Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG Carmen of Wankhede communication Manager Europe & international E-Mail: we love pr GmbH Helmtrudenstrasse 8 80805 Munich E-Mail: Tel.: 089/9616020-21 about Esselte Leitz: Esselte Leitz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for products around the topic of Office Organization where innovation, efficiency, and design at the desk in the Office or at home to bring. Esselte Leitz produced a deep and wide range of filing and Feuerbach, to simplify life in the Office. Esselte is one of the main brands of Esselte Corporation, a company with an annual turnover of approx. 1 billion US$. Esselte is present in 27 countries and sells its products in 120 countries. The company’s main brands include Esselte, Leitz, rapid and Xyron.