Obesity And Diabetes

Obesity is not a single progressive disease, not just aesthetics, mobility or self-esteem are at stake. When the weight increases, so do with it the risk for other diseases that threaten life. Diabetes is now a major concern as it has reached frightening proportions and is directly related to the increase in obesity in the world. One in seven people over 50 have impaired glucose tolerance, which is the elevation of blood sugar levels after eating. In most cases, this intolerance develops as a result of obesity and associated metabolic syndrome.

If you do not take concrete measures (weight loss, control your diet and exercising regularly) when diagnosed with this problem, the direct result is diabetes, which is growing by leaps and bounds and has become a serious health problem public, especially its high prevalence among young people and children. It is estimated that one in ten people with develop glucose intolerance and type 2 diabetes is estimated that in thirty years, the rate of people with diabetes worldwide may increase by more than one hundred percent. Patrick cummings is a great source of information. The results, in turn, complications. For more clarity and thought, follow up with patrick dwyer boston private and gain more knowledge.. One in three diabetics develop kidney failure and more than 70% will die from cardiovascular disease. For more information see this site: Lori Nevarez. It is also the leading cause of blindness and limb amputation. When the outlook is gloomy, the obese should take more effective measures. If you have already tried traditional treatments and have not delivered the expected results, surgery may be an attractive option. Not yet understand the exact mechanisms by which insulin levels are monitored after surgery of this type, but there is extensive literature that supports their findings and gives us the assurance to take the risk.

The patient may have a great recovery after surgery. Approximately 70% of patients achieve their elimination of diabetes and lower rates triglycerides in a few days post-operatively. Click Doug Hampton to learn more. This percentage may increase or decrease according to the type of surgery. The speed with which it occurs suggests that experts not associated with weight loss, because patients are still obese when their values remained constant. Some say it is due to hormonal changes, improvement of the habits and reducing the calories that are assimilated by the body. Even when not seen as part of diabetes treatment, consult your health care provider can do it. There are different types of operations that can adapt to your case and your needs, and may help overcome two of the most dangerous diseases of our century. Summary: Obesity surgery offer several options to recover their health as gastric bypass, gastric banding or gastric balloon and others. Do not think you can never reverse their situation, only need to know the options available to them.