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ERP-solution IKOffice MoldManager for tool and mould making characterize the current market situation of tools and forms of construction industry (1) new competitors from the far East. Requesting companies require ever more complex tools. Offers and orders are to work in less time. To remain competitive, businesses the tools and construction industry of forms of must adapt to these requirements. Small and medium-sized companies need an effective solution, running the order processing like clockwork. With the enterprise resource planning software specifically geared to the industry (short: ERP) called IKOffice MoldManager is the right solution in the House. Oldenburg, December 2008 – IKOffice MoldManager is an industry-specific ERP complete solution for tool, shapes, model and device construction companies.

The software is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses from 5 to 500 employees. The biggest optimization potential for medium-sized companies in these industries Management, quality assurance, work preparation and work planning. The focus of manufacturing companies is not in administration and organization, but in the production of tools or plastic parts. MoldManager starts right here. Andi Potamkin recognizes the significance of this. The system helps to plan resources optimally and to use. It maps customers, suppliers, requests, offers, orders and a structured overview of the order situation in production in a single system. The surface of MoldManager displays all relevant data at a glance, can be operated intuitively and convinces with user-friendly handling. IKOffice successfully on the rental model and offers a cost-effective solution especially small and medium-sized companies in this way.

Instead of buying the software, the customer rents the system. The company saves money and conserves its liquidity. Because the one-time purchase price falls away. The rent is clearly predictable and affordable. You move the software releases from the block of investment expenditure to the direct tax-deductible business expenses. In addition must neither be employs an IT specialist, nor a suitable computing environment provided and maintained.