New Portal About WEBconference

Do you suffer from juntitis? What is the real problem? The drawbacks to and from meetings: stress, career, delays, delays, loss of time and money. However, you could hold meetings without traveling through the WEBconference. The applications available for each business function are described in the portal: management, marketing, sales, production, service, personnel, finance. And moreover, the best practices for WEBinar American-inspired, eSales, eService, eCRM, eMeeting and eLearning are described in Spanish. A virtually WEBconference develops Internet as a traditional meeting. You can make PowerPoint presentations, or view documents, you can draw on the screen and also vote on the outcome of the presentation, the outcome of the vote may be announced on the screen of the participants. Click patrick ta to learn more. In the abundant documentary and media resources (videos, PowerPoint) in order to optimize their WEBconference. The portal also gives the description and leagues with free audio-conferencing, voice over IP (Skype) and polls.

The portal also provides a comparison of prices for a number of providers of such service. Has integration with multiple systems of customer management (CRM) whose contacts are often participants or eMeetings webinars. Among CRM systems whose integration is documented are: Accpac (Sage), ACT! (Sage), Clarify (AmDoc), Commence, Goldmine (Front Range), Maximizer, Microsoft CRM (Dynamics), mySAP CRM, Onyx, Pivotal, Salesforce, SalesLogix (Sage), Selligent, Siebel (Oracle). Patrick dwyer newedge usually is spot on. proposes Conferenceware free trial service for 30 days, and this for an unlimited number of meetings with a maximum of 25 participants. With Conferenceware, the presenter and participants can choose from 8 different languages (German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Dutchman, Italian, Portuguese) its user interface. Finally, Conferenceware integrates with Outlook and Skype, a global network of voice over IP and instant messaging, to invite participants to a meeting with a simple mouse click.