See you where, now it turns out that the notes on this site, commenting on wine, oil, coffee, bread, gastronomy, various services, etc., that consumption or I can identify with them, unknowingly have been forged and, somehow, innovating social shopping in Spain to which refers article I’ve read in the country: Do you like buy and interact in the network? Comes the social shopping. It will be because I have lived intensely, professional and labor activity because the article was first quality, or both, but has always liked to consume products and services of the companies where collaborated: buy on the market of the distribution chain, eating donuts, training in training centres attached to the project where he worked, drinking wine, taking oileat in the restaurants of the chain, visit my people, etc. But, also, when I’ve been in the right forum, I have not lost the opportunity of promoting such products and services, at the risk of me tacharan heavy or, even, fool (go to consume to the) X accommodation will be handled well. But good says my interlocutor – how you can recommend me so if you have left hanging a paste. As you can see, it requests pasta to my health). In short, good idea I think this social network purchase, provided that the information, suggestion or recommendation spontaneous, Frank, genuine, do natural and honestly, without trap or carton, and if you register in the future a worthy comment on impact, this must be incorporate it with all speed to the Internet, Web page, Blog, Chat, Forum, Networking, Virtual community, etc..