Overcome evil through expansion of consciousness heaven and hell, good and evil, light and darkness make the duality they dissolve in the unit. Spiritually interested know that the thoughts of a man make his reality and therefore try to think good and finding the light depending on the religious background or to get into the sky. But in the duality, there are no good without evil. A man who himself holds good, that fulfills him delivered values and displaces what does not fit. This displacement process begins already silently during childhood. Then many conflicts, which are exacerbated by the projection of the repressed due to the different values of the people and groups of people. Why do other people share does not own, so obviously correct values? Because people are living different aspects of the divine whole.

All human skills are good if they because in the appropriate Situation, would be used at the appropriate time, in the right place and in the right dosage. The balancing of conflicting personality share is necessary, just as day and night alternately activity and recreation allow fluent during twilight blend. People live but only a snippet of it all with their limited ego, so that the day accusing the night to be a lazy freeloader and the night at his own expense to enrich the day. Would like to meet a man his ancestral idea of good, supposedly evil is displaced and affects unconsciously the more negative, because it wants to break his banishment then uncontrollably. May, however, really all personality shares there and lived in appropriate situations, complement and compensate them, so that the supposedly evil dissolves and becomes the strength.

Evil is not thereby avoided, that you not want it, but through the expansion of consciousness by the duality in the Unit into it. In this way, consciousness expert Lina life would like to support their callers with telephone spiritual accompaniment. See more information on awareness expert Lina life Lina lives is consciousness an expert: awareness expert? -Not by expertise (which it also has as a Naturopath for psychotherapy), but by spiritual death: in many years, more intense spiritual development she has transcended her earthly consciousness. From this enlarged perspective Lina life offers spiritual counseling. In their review of spiritual death”by Lina life (ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-5336-6; describes their spiritual development process up in the transcendence. The review was published under pseudonym hereby reasons. Their spiritual lives Consulting offers awareness expert Lina life under the same pseudonym. Hamburg, the 12.11.2010 Lina life