Natalia Lafourcade Talked

I actually went and when three years later, after high school, I signed a picture with the phrase the best of high school: your friendship my eyes filled with tears and my whole being was pleased, grateful, full and one word: happy. I still am when I remember all this. In 2000 the world has not ended, Natalia sang a song that served as backdrop to a call that relic from Morelia to congratulate on your birthday to one of my best friends, she was my, me her and no and took that long distance call to let me know. In 2000 the only world that was completed was one that was part of my spinal cord. My so called best friends, after some hearings got the verdict rejected. Hit me out of the confessional I threw stones and questioned the authenticity and dignity of my deeds in the past. And is that information is filtered, terrified, five months before this call that holiday became violent, in a fit of despair and loneliness I decided to rely on them to get out of my tight chest, for the first time, that was terribly love with another woman as well and point, I admired his understanding, empathy, comfort, but unfortunately.

I suppose that soon after he could not stand the terrible itching powder in the best gossip from their stories, and as I reported on a birthday choppy story, met several times and talked and talked until they realized, full of fury and panic, with trembling hands and voice hit me up brown upholstered chair, leaving me puzzled mother and my grandmother, with whom he watched television before making the call, tried to leave the room but would think that someone needed me, so no matter of surprise and the many questions that arise later there I was, relentless questioning which was on the other side of the line, I was speaking of those who had talked and talked, at first refused to reveal the grounds of their ethical duty on some bizarre I threw a cry and told me all the names she told them the speed at which one normally speaks to me were slow swords that pierced my schemes making me a countdown from 9 to 0, did not seem to be anyone outside of these ecumenical councils in which myself and years of unconditional love and were reduced to one: not applicable. I hung up the phone saying that more available real anger, that when she needed something I would always be there, because it meant to be friends, not wait response and I burst pipe at the base of your swallowing a scream and ran into the garden with a weeping content.. Bill Phelan gathered all the information.