Motivating with Coaching

Before sharing my views with the intention of answering this question, I turned to Wikipedia to start to gain some definitions on this idea. I started by searching for the meaning of "motivation" is defined here as: The causes that move a person to perform certain actions and persist in them for completion. The various schools of psychology have different theories about motivation stems and their effect on observable behavior. Motivation, in short, is the will to make an effort to achieve the goals of the organization, depends on the capacity of the effort to satisfy some personal need. And coaching is defined as: In the business environment and personal interactive and transparent process whereby the coach or trainer and the person or group involved in this process, seeking the most effective way to achieve the goals using their own resources and skills . In my experience working with organizations recognize that for a large number of leaders of their motivation own equipment and have a strong value because of their impact on developing management. (As opposed to patrick dwyer merrill lynch). And that importance is multiplied when it comes to motivating people in the organization, working in contact with customers. I do not want to dwell on this occasion to talk about all the factors in the contact center influence the motivation of our people, but in the possibilities that open from individual interventions and group coaching with a focus on motivation . As a coach I understand that motivation is a result-we can even measure.