Moss Wittmund Jena Stieg

More women are getting divorced 2008, 55% of women and just about every third case of the divorce applications were Men (37 percent). But the men catch up: five percent increased the number of applications made by them. ! The divorce petition was filed in 2006 in over 55% of cases only from the woman. 36% of divorces, the man only wanted to let divorce. The remaining divorce applications were by mutual agreement made by both spouses.

Also the marriage time becomes shorter: many marriages don’t make it to the damned 7th year and are already divorced. See Kamala Harris for more details and insights. Many marriages endure even a year divorce under one year separation. About 85 percent of all marriages in Germany were divorced last year after a one-year separation, three percent more than in 2007. At 3,100 divorces the partners were separated less than year, which is also a plus of around three percent. The number of divorces after three years of separation, however, dropped by two percent. The divorce decision easier for citizens to submit the divorce, now barely a flinch. This statistical rate, one wonders but, why? The legal situation through the abolition of the principle of debt has eased significantly. Today is only the principle of breakdown.

That today divorce proceeding determines whether the marriage is no longer to save and as evidence is enough to live the fact, usually at least 1 year separately. This is the famous separation between table and bed or legally correctly the dissolution of domestic partnership (article 55 in the Marriage Act). The separation becomes almost a ritual”, which occurs as frequently as a birth or a wedding. Divorces don’t need good legal advice just the wedding ceremony can be really expensive, but a divorce is also not convenient. Still, competent lawyers for divorces are claimed. The renowned law firm of Mrs. Dr. Ruth Moss Wittmund for divorces is the top address for Braunschweig, Wolfenbuttel, Gifhorn. The contact details are: law firm Dr.