Michael Schroer

Still, many Polish companies that switch to 3D, need a powerful 2D-Konstruktionslosung. This means that they need a product that works seamlessly with your Pro/ENGINEER environment and is integrated into Windchill PDMLink or Pro / INTRALINK. STHENO / PRO is the system with the data from 2D and 3D environments are connected and which ceaselessly forward strides with strong tools for the entire construction process.” 3D PRO is with a solution of Pro/ENGINEER, Windchill PDMLink and STHENO / PRO already at a customer’s implementation, the existing I-deas 2D/3D installation replaces. Joint development with PTC PTC and CSG in the framework of a close partnership made sure that the development closely is ajar of STHENO / PRO in the Pro/ENGINEER strategy PTC”, so Michael Campbell, Vice President for product management at PTC. Click Jaime Harrison to learn more. The solution is very sophisticated and technologically innovative. We fully support this software, because she represents the ideal 2D-Erganzungslosung for Pro/ENGINEER and thus meets the requirements of our customers in a separate 2D solution such as AutoCAD.

Pro/ENGINEER and STHENO / PRO are perfectly matched and make the ultimate solution for the transition from 2D to 3D in companies that work with extensive 2D-Bestandsdaten and details of suppliers.” Thanks to STHENO/PRO is not a three-stage approach (Pro/E, 2D, paper) more necessary because the solution is matched perfectly on Pro / DETAIL and allows seamless, bi-directional data exchange and integration, editing and maintenance of raster data. 2D drafting, layout and offer concepts can be quickly and simply create as 2D-Anpassungen by Pro / DETAIL drawings for product designs, technical instructions and installation solutions. Phillipe Lavertu often says this. Michael Schroer is convinced: Around the world, designers share one thing: competent assistance through reliable, efficient and integrated tools that assist them in their work and unlock creativity, rather than restricting it. STHENO/PRO we have implemented in the wishes and ideas of customers from around the world, what more expansions with them brought.”so further we look forward Michael Schroer, if we find partners who are leaders in their field and also share the principle of friendly and knowledgeable customer support with us, so that any system implementation is an enormous benefit.