Manuel One

Comumente, sohistrias on lobisomens, caiporas, vises and other beings related umasuposta wild life, and also histories of assombraes during the hunted ones. These assombraes ' ' they discipline schedules, as well as tickets and the human permanence deseres in determined locais' ' , 10 as they had been possible to prove in the interviews carried through in the group desertanejos. What ouvimosmuito of our narrators it is the loss of the tradition to count these histories, seuFlorncio that inhabits back in the interior speaks that they are few the time that if renempara to count histories in the place of fetichism, it affirms to like to talk on essashistrias, therefore it was as soon as lived its infancy and for much time, but today ascoisas is others, says it who the young has other amusements. To think essasnarrativas not as aluso to the beastly one, to a lost world without culture, mascomo the formularization of ethics, a form of living, in the half-barren one, with the moon acu the night and the wind blowing in the windows with that one I whistle caractersticodesses spaces of seres the nights in alpendres of house, or the houses defarinhas as already we cite in the farinhadas nights of. This makes in them to see what osertanejo thinks exactly of itself and its proper space, a time that these men emulheres are carrying of a wisdom that will be transmitted with social suasexperincias, representing a collective. Socoletivas histories, however, each individual has its particularitity when counting essashistrias, its Florncio counted in them that they had funny people, that opovo likes to hear to count histories, for it a place where if it congregated muitagente for these histories was the flour house, sees as it in counted umadessas histories to them. Money was gold, appeared umavisagem there in the foot of the oiticica there had arueira inside of the oiticica, inside daarueira had hollow a its golden Manuel kept to money gold there, then if alitinha a visagem a light crossing the river, the owner Maria praz it riotava when it with much water made that backwater they caught cangati very and there full sand hand says queaquela played on of it of the pole of the hook, encima daquelaspedras the woman if it scared and it went if even so, much people this its Macenano Joo had fear you are welcome not but one day seems that the hat of it went up of cabeaque did not feel but hat n head, but passed the low light there there pra of the deoiticica foot, there later lode this staff there after the dam there the Carinha that erado Jaibara dreamed of botija but already it tava under d' water, Antonio of the JooMartim also dreamed, but it did not obtain to take off nobody obtained to take off not, seme of this I found n now the secano dam you chei difficult, laugh. .