Logo Graphics

Logo-original graphic style name. Also, the logo could be called a brand name and letter style. There is still a corporate unit – a combination of name and symbol. How is it done? The development process formed individually, taking into account various factors that are relevant in each case. To achieve such objectives as: memorability, flexibility, originality, associativity. Creates a distinctive character to identify the product or firm to provide its competitors, to emphasize the advantages and novelty, to reflect the key features.

See examples of work shop ArtesFactory Glance values: Text Only logo is made by writing the name of the company product selected font typeface. Depending on the type of headset used by this group can be divided into two subgroups: Classic performance and decorative design. This is the easiest and fastest way to make a logo. But at the same time, you risk getting lost in the gray mass of similar performances, which in any market is greater than that I would like. Select your logo can be part of advertising or n followed by a high-quality products, as it did, for example, electronic giants sony and panasonic, or using the original font sets (possibly created specifically for the logo).

Only sign. To ensure that customers with a glance at the sign of the recognized organization, you must either hold a massive advertising assault to deposits in the minds of the masses stand Association of the sign with company name or the name turned into a sign. The + sign text. This type of logo combines the previous two and is most common for the following reasons. Using visual elements in logo makes it, firstly, the more memorable (which can not be said about the logo, text), and secondly, leads to the long name of your customer’s more visually appealing. Make it so that the slogan is not divorced from main logo, so it is harmoniously combined with it – is our (designers), the problem … ps Be always open to dialogue with the artist, learn to listen and understand the views of people who have devoted to this certain amount of time and versed in something! And remember to create a logo, sometimes not required little time! Prepared by: Constantine (painter decorator) Workshop 01/23/2010.