Less Potatoes

Travel in the beautiful, colorful season Paris – the leaves start to discolor, which reduced temperatures and the Sun makes rar – autumn is here! According to meteorologists since September 1, according to calendar now since September 22. Schoolchildren enjoy in October and November on their first holiday after the summer. For a few days they can let off steam and make what is the head. But the prospects for the last time were less rosy: the “fall break” were called “Potato holiday”. Students were not shout to frolic and have fun, but to help their families in the countryside during the potato harvest. Fortunately, the children must no longer spend their free time on the potato field.

So, the gap time can be used for relaxation and variety for the whole family. The colorful season for long walks in the Woods and meadow is offered with golden leaves against the bright blue sky. To know more about this subject visit Dina Powell. As an alternative to the Park in the neighborhood Center keeps Parcs special autumn offers ready. Should restrain themselves but the Indian summer and take place autumn dirty weather, are either board games and craft stuff unpacked, cinemas and museums visited or raincoat and rubber boots pulled over. A more popular option is rainy, dreary everyday life makes it easy to escape the. A beach holiday in the Sun, relax in the spa hotel or a short trip in a unknown city with the whole family can something Cheer up the transition season from summer to winter. And MOM and dad need some vacation by the existence of the parents, then the children are just sent for a few days to the grandparents.

The autumn holidays today means more “vacation” as “Potatoes” for the entire family! With holiday preparations you should not wait too long, because the travel agencies like weg.de, mountains and sea, FTI, TUI or ebookers.de now in the low season offer special autumn offers. Hotels.com is example up to 40% discount on bathroom breaks or city trips everywhere in the world. Also in other leisure providers such as Mydays and beauty24 you will find now cheap prices and ideas for activities. Additionally a few more euros in arranging a holiday can be saved with the shopping portal iGraal (de.igraal.de). Cheaper to buy with iGraal: vouchers, price comparison, Cashback