Lean Thought

Implementing the Lean Thought Management of the Setembro/2011 Production Employee discouraged and imperfections in simple tasks day to day they can be symptoms of that its necessary business of corrections of route. In this hour, it is paper of the leader to identify the actions that must be taken and to intervene with the routine of the possible fastest operation, so that the company reencontre its way. ' ' The bureaucracy in the processes is enemy of the quality. Bureaucratic processes produce erros' '. Marcelo Gonalves Pear tree Processes with well applied concepts LEAN tends to have a Time of very next Cycle to the Takt Teams, being minimized the production excess and adequately taking care of the requested demand. When we speak of LEAN, always we esbarramos in the concepts directed toward the elimination of wastefulnesses and increase of the speed of the processes, this always using the Value Stream Mapping as tool base for the works. It is said very also in the change of culture, thought and form to lead the work, mainly on the part of the management. In meanwhile, it is said little in as to change the form to think and to act of who really knows the processes in its details, the operators.

One hears very in training in the tools of the quality and the concepts of methodology LEAN. I believe that only this is not enough. She is necessary to analyze the personal and organizacional motivation. A personal motivation is on the auto-accomplishment of the individual, either this, on the wages and benefits or also if to make what it is liked. From there the importance in if inquiring the abilities of the individual and using it where the same it has one better income and either consequently more productive. The stability of the company before the market and to its customers also is visualized as form of personal motivation.