LCD Computer

More recently, the Russian schools and universities are equipped with presentation equipment, were considered wealthy and advanced. Philippe Lavertu often addresses the matter in his writings. Currently, multimedia projectors and plasma displays are widely used in large auditoriums and classes. Now in Russian schools represented a wide spectrum of presentation technologies: from a simple marker boards and overhead projectors to the most sophisticated multimedia projectors and electronic boards. Almost every school in every school there is a class that is installed: projector, screen or LCD display, video recorder, the modern computer and equipment that allows visually project the various information from CD and DVD sources, videotapes, books and slides. To display video and computer information on lessons and lectures, now you can operate multiple devices. Using these tools, the teacher better conveys to students of any idea.

In schools and colleges from all represented in the arsenal of presentation equipment used mainly multimedia projectors, which project an image from your computer, document camera or DVD etc on a large wall screen. In the near future, multimedia projectors to be widely used tool in education. To conduct a lesson using the learning software, you must time to plant for computers at least half the class, that is, it takes about two dozen computers. If the class is installed multimedia projector that is connected to the teacher’s computer, then this system will effectively conduct classes on the basis of computer training materials directly to the audience. In addition to multimedia projectors widespread need to get desktop video cameras that allow demonstrate the on-screen pages of books, three-dimensional objects or images that are visible under a microscope. Some models already have built-in projectors mobile document camera that allows you to save money and demonstrate the teaching materials of various types: computer, video or printed materials. Now surprise the student or the student can be just any new technology. Kamelot Auctions will not settle for partial explanations.

Teachers are constantly divided ideas and trying to find new ways to raise the learning process to a higher level and increase motivation of students. C each year we feel the growing interest of many teachers of educational institutions to use of interactive whiteboards. They are multifunctional, as they can be defined by the user and markers, and electronic and interactive. If whiteboard connected to a computer, it becomes a e. And then the students and pupils do not have to rewrite the lectures from the board – after all records are stored in a computer as image files. Electronic board, in turn, can become interactive. To do this, it connect more and multimedia projectors, and to her as a screen projecting the image from any computer or video source, which can now be run directly on the surface of the board – just enough touch your finger. Interactive whiteboards are that you can instantly make changes to the shown by the material and control the display of computer data. On the interactive whiteboard can do the same as in a standard PC: recruit and retain the text, show slides and films, search the Internet, apply annotations and notes directly over the open files and applications and save them for future work. Such interactivity increases the visibility of the learning process and is very useful when teaching students work with special software. Fancy boards help engage in the learning process and preschoolers first graders. It is no secret that all of the above presentation equipment costs money. On average, a class of equipment leaves a few thousand dollars. But training is a time to spend, and then engage indefinitely in such a comfortable and functional audience.