La Coruna

It is not good that the man/woman is only, that you’re only. Your you know and we all know that the God of all religions to women and men have given us the pleasures and pains of love. However, love is a wonderful thing that we have to cultivate throughout our earthly life. It seems lie that, in current times, with so much information that we observed apparently between living beings, are necessary heart agencies dedicated to contact hearts full humanity of women. This last relationship has been and is always personal and non-transferable. However, many times our own individualism, selfishness based on what others can resolve we uncollectible. Sad to verify that the rush, stress, overwork for others, comforts originators us so our hearts that make us forget that We have living hearts to love, wish, that they will become our own solitude dead hearts, if we don’t use them in a rational, humane way.

A Chinese proverb says: only which is consumed not ama, but who loves da until the bones to others. Abstract.-Mariano Cabrero: And his hands? What are talking about love when they pick up, kisses are all compliments. Tell me of troubles Oh Jesus, divine hands!, me catch me presses, they rely on my sides. When they kiss her lips I say were their hands! What I want to see her soon!, caminito de Santiago. What took my Green dreams!, and I want to kiss their hands.