To consider when choosing the fertility Clinic: you want to be a baby? With the ovulation test may be the chance for the pregnant will determine. The choice of the agony which fertility Centre? The correct selection of the fertility Centre. Artificial insemination in consideration is considered to meet the Kinderwunschs, the selection of the right fertility clinic as a not so easy there is. When choosing the fertility Centre, the cost of treatment certainly play an important role. The fertility treatment is also a psychological burden for women and men. Confidence in the clinic and doctor are an important factor.

Some fertility centres publish your success rates, others not. The annual report of the German IVF helps register about to predict the success of a treatment. The success rates include also the successful fertilization or implantation. However, it is a successful fertilization or implantation does not equal to a nine-month pregnancy. Success stories are so critical to look at and analyze. Many desire clinics methods of treatment advertise with reasonable success ver speakers from abroad. When choosing a fertility Centre abroad are further criteria to be observed. A legal dispute with a company seated abroad can unfold as extremely difficult.

The possible foreign language Advisory and preparatory talks lead to misunderstandings and the costs shall be borne for a treatment abroad in full even. Before deciding to a fertility treatment, specialists recommend the use of AIDS, which will be carried out at home. Often already ovulation discovery with the ovulation test helps fertility pairs. The rise of human luteinizing hormone (hLH) is increasing between 24 and 48 hours prior to ovulation. Subsequent sexual intercourse after the increase of the LH value can at best lead to a pregnancy.