Kerstin Schubert

This uses the method of prototyping to visualize the design ideas and experience for others to make. The prototyping quickly leads to initial results and allowing early feedback as to the suitability of an approach. Another method is the storyboarding are represented in the action and event sequences, comparable with a screenplay, here. Then, the redesign should be examined again on the aspects of usability and. Such a iteration procedure reduces usability problems to a minimum. The procedure presented here represents only a rough Usabilitystudie.

Because each project, its goals and its users are individually, the methods must separately depending on the project and above all the development phase be together, to achieve the best result. Potential discover Usabilitystudien are targeted methods to verify the users quality of an interactive system. The project is at the beginning of the development phase, the results provide a strong argument why certain steps are implemented accordingly. At the respective stages of development, the results support a targeted and user-friendly implementation, so that an optimal project will be implemented. The software already on the market or the website is online, so different Usabilitymethoden an optimization or expansion can be achieved with the help of, which will be implemented in the next relaunch. Target should be always a user-centered design. First is a simple structure of functions and data, so that even an inexperienced user can work adequately with the surface. Menu navigation and data presentation must be understandable, easy and appealing.

The design should match the corporate identity (CI) and implemented to the target group. So can satisfy the growing demands of the customers. Advantages of user the user design program interfaces and Web pages support to establish a positive reference to the software. Taking into account the results of a Usabilitystudie increases the attractiveness of the website or software interface. Users like to work with the media. Furthermore, a study ensures consistency and increases user productivity. Ultimately, costs can be reduced by Usabilitystudien already at the development stage, errors can be avoided. Kerstin Schubert