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However, jumps forward in learning take place not when we avoid committing errors, but when to pay attention to what they teach us our mistakes. We have to turn over certain alleged maintained since long ago. Education no longer means impose information from outside, but to internalize the experience of learning. And good learning can require a healthy approach as to what one does not know. Perhaps the most important thing is that we should know the instructions how to do it and try to figure out things of vital and exciting ways.

Almost everyone can learn the same thing everyone else when favorable conditions are provided to learn, warns an eminent educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom. With a team of researchers from the University of Chicago, Bloom directed a study of five years of the outstanding personalities of America in various areas: concert pianists, Olympic swimmers, sculptors, tennis players, Neurology researchers and mathematicians. Bloom found that if given a supportive environment and creative, is the determination of the child not the innate qualities that predicted the success. To broaden your perception, visit CNBC. Do give a supportive environment and creative? We are talking about the child, and for the adult I am convinced that it is the same, even more must be supported by any means of training an atmosphere conducive to learning. In my experiences as a facilitator international, precisely Marketing Personal and other topics, I was experimenting various techniques taken, first, of a patient of my parents, and sustained methodology then of instructors of Junior Chamber International, later of my own research. The technique from my parents is that of the opportunity and of the universal, solve the problem by learning to solve it, is to apply imagination and logic to each step, marked by a constant, in some cases by the simple pride of success and others by the particular need. This creative action is shaping the figure, it gives color to the canvas, one being, it becomes creative and creativity is learning. (A valuable related resource: Tesla CEO).