Jorg Blech

Your authority excludes you download to the level of play of the child? Do you work too much? Do you spend time to share games and other activities? Do you feel that some behaviors of your child embarrassed you? See more defects than qualities in your child, or vice versa? You accept it or reject it?, etc. (4) Or can even formulate them even more uncomfortable questions: what you really felt towards his son (does anger, coldness, tiredness, impatience, contempt, jealousy, tenderness?) compares it pejoratively to other children, or shows subtle or obvious preferences by other children? What do you think that your child? ADHD need from you? Do you think it satisfies it properly? Do accept the emotions of his son (p. e.g. fear, anger, pain, jealousy, despair, helplessness, loneliness, envy, hatred?) how was your own childhood? Loved you adequately or feels resentful for it? How is their relationship and the overall atmosphere? (e.g., quiet, orderly, chaotic, stressed out, dispersed, boring, tense, cold, violent). etc., etc.

A civilization of mammals that bases its existence in the systematic torture of their own offspring, i.e., in the denial of our own mistakes on them, in the end, can only be a civilization unfortunate and self-destructive. (5) __1. But there are exceptions. A colleague of mine, for example, performs great childhood therapies without children! It simply ignores them and attends and re-educate only parents. The reason is obvious: If you want healthy apples, don’t improve each Apple in particular – what is as ridiculous as impossible–but cure del manzano. And the rest will be followed by itself.

2. According to the principle of Occam, we should never use explanations complex if we already have other more simple. And we should not rely on theories that we can not verify democratically (eg., if you don’t have your own electronic microscope, how avoid sooner or later be manipulated by someone who have it and claims to have discovered a terrible virus or gene?). In this regard, excellent psychodynamic model is that anyone can verify it in herself and others. In the case of children’s disorders, first thing we should do is to analyze thoroughly family relationships, both behavioral and, above all, emotional level. What usually discover, exceptions strictly neurological, will not require further assumptions. With respect to studies that supposedly discovered or show the existence of genes and drugs concerning children’s disorders, always must find out who promotes them and subsidizes, and contrast them with other studies and independent information. Our findings will almost always be outrageous. (See, e.g., mental health, the business of pain subscribers and other information on the internet (e.g., Miguel Jara, Jorg Blech, etc.) about the socioeconomic invention of mental disorders). 3 See the Conners questionnaires used 4. See ADHD, questionnaires for teachers and parents, Liliana. 5. With the proper exceptions, of course. But I mean extreme cases any time and place and, ultimately, to the average.