John Cooper Works

The two Sport models have a speedometer with scale that goes up to 260 km/h. The basic equipment of the cockpit includes textile design ‘Chequered’ checkered upholstery. Optionally you can buy leather upholstery, sport seats with combined fabric or leather upholstery, sport leather seats and Recaro sports seats, included in the range of accessories of John Cooper Works. Decorative slats for both models, which are normally colour Piano Black, can be also Fluid Silver color. The range of accessories includes Additionally a carbon trim stick. Included in the optional equipment of the MINI range, high quality and advanced technology, navigation and entertainment systems can also be mounted in two especially sport models.

More air, more power, more torque: the ideal formula to enjoy more of the chest of these models driving hides an own a race car engine. The propeller of 1,600 cc with Twin-Scroll Turbo direct-injection four-cylinder of gasoline is rated at 211 Hp and between 1,850 and 5,600 rpm delivers a net torque of 260 Nm that can be up to 280 Nm briefly with ‘overboost’ function. This mechanic is based on the engine that uses the MINI Cooper S, which has undergone numerous modifications for use in the MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE race car. The basic version of 1.598 cc engine already includes various technological, from cherries the sport of motor racing. The cylinder block and the housing are made of aluminium, four valves per cylinder are powered by two trees on head cams, levers of trawls with roller and hydraulic valves clearances compensation elements. The increase of power compared with the MINI Cooper S engine is obtained especially through optimization of the input and output of air and the adaptation of the turbocharger.

Air filter, air flow meter, the exhaust system and the catalyst were modified to reduce the the air intake and exhaust throttling, in order to increase the power. These changes are also noticeable by the specific sound of the engine of these models. In addition also increased the flow of clean air conditioner turbo. The beginning of construction of the Twin-Scroll Turbo is in a very spontaneous increase in power. In collector and the turbocom-padding are separate channels, each one corresponding to two cylinders. Their palettes are put in motion optimally from very low engine speeds. A turbine especially tough material was developed for engine of the John Cooper Works and MINI John Cooper Works Clubman. In addition, the maximum pressure rose from 0.9 to 1.3 bar. Spontaneous responses are manifested in the ability of acceleration of the two models. The MINI John Cooper Works for the Kronos in 6.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, while the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman makes it in 6.8 seconds. Both have a speed tip 238 km/h. original author and source of the article.