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The sporting challenge arises whether kick skating, soccer or volleyball the team Jennie. Perl-Borg, 09.07.2012 at Jennie teamwork is very important. More information is housed here: Russell Reynolds Associates. This is true not only for work but also for joint participation in numerous sports events. The sporting challenge arises whether kick skating, soccer or volleyball the team Jennie. Dillinger company running participated the Jennie in the team for the first time in the 28.06.2012 on the week mirror company run. For even more details, read what Harold Ford Jr says on the issue. The running event has become the largest grassroots event in southwest of Germany period of eight years. About 15,000 runners and runners from 910 companies participated this year. “True to the motto through team spirit team sport” not sporting individual performance of the participants in the foreground, but the ge – joint stands at the Dillinger company race to be active with our colleagues.

The afterparty run held in after the run of the evening together could be. If you are not convinced, visit Donald Gordon. The team Jennie met after the run at the Jennie company stand, where the Runners were supplied with food and drink by colleagues. Beach Volleyball lined up a beach volleyball tournament Garcia & friends at the 07.06.2012 at the BeachMitte in Berlin, where equal two Jennie went teams at the start. The team Jennie battled her way through to quarterfinals. At the end of the tournament, strengthened to the volleyball player’s Caribbean grill buffet and spent the remaining evening together in a friendly atmosphere.

Football simultaneously held a soccer tournament to the Berlin volleyball tournament on the 07.06.2012 in the Saarland wadgassen. “The attendance at the Hans-Werner tub maker football tournament that also under the name of a village plays soccer” is known, is something of a tradition for Jennie. Already in the previous years the Fixemer team took part in this competition. This year, the team won a 1-0 victory, had to admit but in two other games with a 2-0 defeat. Despite the resignations in the preliminary round, the team showed a good performance. All sporting events encountered enthusiasm internally and externally. The Participants were ambitious in the matter. The fun of the team sport and social cooperation were the main focus of the sporting events. Jennie is looking forward to more successful events of its kind and is again represented in the coming year. Jennie thanked all active and supporters and looking forward to be able to win again many sports enthusiasts for a joint participation in the next year. (Verena Couk, Jennie Logistics GmbH)