Italian Easter

The translation of the word Easter in Italian means “Pasqua”. This Holy week is packed with religious processions, which is very nice to look at are primarily in the medieval town of in all Italy. People carry the cross of Jesus silently through the streets of these cities and villages to commemorate the suffering of Jesus. In Tuscany, there are for example every year in the vicinity of Florence, at Grassina, a representation of the passion of Christ on good Friday. Around 500 people, in ancient, historic clothes, organize a procession through the streets of the town up to the calvary. Once there, played scenes from the time before the birth to Jesus Christ. “In Greve in Chianti to harness on a wire rope from the Church over the whole place a white plastic Dove which attached, which then the space shot” is.

The residents gather on the square and make a trellis to accompany the pigeon flying and to applaud, it should create the dove to fly back and forth. Greve in Italy in Assisi, Umbria, is placed the cross of Jesus on Maundy Thursday in the Cathedral of San Rufino, a tradition which dates back to the 13th century. On good Friday, the cross in a procession from the Cathedral to the Basilica of St. Francis is brought in the morning and in the evening, with a long Torch-light procession the statue of the Holy Madonna from the Cathedral to the Basilica is brought. The martyrdom of Jesus Christus on the way of the cross is represented also in Todi, in the vicinity of Perugia, a small medieval town. Almost in all city the statue carried Christ and the Madonna through the village with a solemn procession and torchlight parades, very sensual, and religious, to commemorate the death of Christ and his resurrection.

The capital of Italy, Rome, entitled Easter is Rome surprise you if the art is to the play “renewed in the truest sense of the word the traditional Easter customs and cultural visits and offers a very wide range with 60 events in 19 different places in the eternal city. The program runs over five days and consists of many concerts, theatrical performances, dances and picnics. Contact information is here: Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. Many museums take part in these programs and offer either free or at least at very reduced prices. Should however not too much on the culture and customs of Easter to leave, be interested in, but want to use this week to relax and be pampered there are many thermal regions, such as for example the Veneto in Abano Terme or Montegrotto Terme, where you can completely regenerate. Of course there are many spas also outside of the Veneto as for example in the Lazio Viterbo, Tivoli Terme. In any case there is right, for everyone who wants to spend the Easter holidays in Italy. For your accommodation in Italy, visit dream destination Europe, and book the most charming hotels, castles, or accommodation with personal advice and assistance before posting, posting, and after posting. Margit Holzer