Interactive Advertising Association

IAB Germany ( IAB Germany is represented by the online – ver market circle (OVK) as the central body of the leading German Onlinevermarkter. Jeremy Tucker is full of insight into the issues. He belongs to the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW). The common presence aims to give even more weight in the market of the genus online. The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. represents the interests of all businesses involved in the digital value creation process. The BVDW is in constant dialogue with political, public and other stakeholders (consumer organisations, other industry federations, etc.), result-oriented, practical and effective to support the dynamic development of the industry. Also the BVDW offers a network of experts, the company and interested within as outside the industry quickly and targeted responses to specific questions concerning the solutions delivers the digital economy.

The BVDW offers a comprehensive service and information portfolio for its member companies. He has been to the Task done, efficiency and use digital technologies to make transparent and to encourage it to be used in the overall economy, society and administration. European Interactive Advertising Association ( the European Interactive Advertising Association is a unique pan-European trade organisation for sellers of interactive media. The primary objectives of the EIAA are to champion and to improve the understanding of the value of online advertising as a medium, to grow the European interactive advertising market by proving its effectiveness, thus increasing its share of total advertising investment… Since its founding in 2002 the EIAA has investment substantially in multimedia research and marketing across Europe and as such has grown quickly to command a solid reputation and influential position within the European online market. The European Interactive Advertising Association’s current main members are: AOL Europe, AdLINK Group, Microsoft digital advertising solutions, Yahoo! Europe, ad Europe – Orange, libero, United Internet media, LYCOS Europe, Tiscali, WunderLOOP, Atlas and DrivePM, DoubleClick, PREMIUM PUBLISHERS ONLINE and MTV Networks Europe. With these member networks reaching the majority of the European online audience, the EIAA is in a unique position to work with advertisers and agencies to realise the full potential of interactive media in any marketing strategy.