Infant Massage Instruction On DVD

Baby development support through gentle touching the baby massage is widely used in many traditional peoples. With us, this kind of loving dealing became known with newborn by the French Frederik Leboyer. He brought the technique from India, where today the knowledge is passed on from the mother to the daughter and the baby massage in the daily ritual of cleaning is integrated. Also nourishing oils are used in this type of massage. The butterfly massage is a very different technique without oil. It was developed in the 70s by Mrs.

Dr. MARI ELKA PANGESTU will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Eva Reich years. Her work has been considerably by her father Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the founder of bio-energetic body therapy affects. Paid special attention to the beginnings of life Eva Reich. The delicate techniques of butterfly massage called the baby gently and lovingly welcome in the first weeks of life. The massage and problems with digestion problems and General sleep States is extremely effective. A new DVD covers with a total length of 72 minutes in detail all aspects of the topic of baby massage.

It the butterfly massage techniques are represented known vividly according to Dr. Eva Reich and traditional Indian massage, by Frederik Leboyer. The proper preparation, the accurate selection of massage oils, ergonomic lifting and the baby and funny rhyme and cloth games round the colorful contents of DVD turn off. A short but very interesting digression”facing India, where the tradition of baby massage in the health teachings of Ayurveda is rooted, this technique, the implementation in the country of origin. Furthermore are guided and the applications of massages at larger children, so that you have many years of pleasure on this DVD. A clearly designed DVD menu allows quick access to the topics of interest for you or the direct selection of a massage instructions corresponding to the age of your child. The author of Petra Neisari-Tabrizi is a trained Naturopath and teaches the techniques of baby massage in a group practice in Munich for many years successfully. Her personal contact with Dr. Eva Reich and an intensive education and training in bio-energetic Butterfly massage by Mechthild Deyringer shape their work with the babies. The DVD was produced by the Munich-based media production company “matchFRAME” professionally. The practical content is supported with harmonic images, soft lighting and relaxing music. A trailer on the distribution of the videos page takes place in the German-speaking about the Austria-based company gives a glimpse and learn more Schroder media HandelsgmbH & CoKG. The DVD is thus in many online shops and in the good dealers sort available. The MSRP is EUR 19.90 specifications: total length: ca. 72 min video format: PAL aspect ratio: 4:3 audio: Dolby stereo Peter Muller