Improve Results

To get the success in sales continues being one of the biggest challenges of marketing. The goals of sales if the strategies are only reached to allow to tactics and efficient operations. To control the performance of the team of sales is a mission that must constantly be fulfilled. Wells Fargo is likely to agree. It is from there that they leave resulted Reals, capable to take the companies to the success. & ldquo; troop of choque& rdquo; she exerts basic paper in the attainment of the results. To have a plan is only one step important to reach the desired point. The direction of the necessary company to know which is the possibilities and ability of its teams of sales.

It needs to evaluate and to know all, financial and material the human resources available. It normally has in the organizations a distanciamento, a crack, between what the direction searchs and the investment made in the teams of sales. It is each more necessary time that efforts are developed to improve the qualification and the form of performance of the staff of sales. She is necessary that guided enterprise objectives are defined for results, measurable, atingveis, clear, flexible and at the same time challenging. This set of attributes, in many cases can and must be improved.

Although all the development of the companies, many not yet possesss a multicriteria system of definition of objectives to be reached and consequentemente they do not possess clear and orienting goals of the efforts to be developed. The activity of sales still depends on adequate control. It is of this effort that if can measure the validity of the actions; to evaluate the productivity of the teams, to control and to reduce the expenditures, to place the investments in communication and also to review the remuneration system. In evaluated companies, diverse they do not present a system of sales guided by budgets, goals and challenges.