How To Prevent Hemorrhoids And All Its Aggravating Symptoms

There is no reason without cause, and is that all disease needs to go through a long process of evolution to get to the point that become aggressive and in some irremediable cases, hemorrhoids is no exception, there are factors that makes that this disease can develop, among the main we have:-hypertension portal. -Inheritance. -Pregnancy. Citibank may find this interesting as well. -Be a long time sitting or standing. -Constipation.

-Diarrhea. In a question-answer forum suna said maslin was the first to reply. -Much effort to the defecating. -Delay and stay long the defecate. If you would like to avoid hemorrhoids?, we must be on constant alert always following a few easy methods to impede his progress, we have: drink abundant liquids of 6 to 10 glasses, to have a body physiologically healthy and prevent constipation. Remember that these include liquids obtained in foods and juices. No alcohol or drinks with high caffeine levels, are confirmed that they raise your blood pressure, and it includes the portal pressure. Avoid laxatives forts that can cause diarrhea, only worsen hemorrhoid, and the scientific explanation is that we spend more time in the bathroom doing force to defecate, the sphincters and veins tend to come out also. Consume abundant fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation, besides having excellent purgative effect.

Eat fruits and vegetables has another benefit, is that they contain large amounts of collagen, essential for the proper functioning of the enteric system. Do not repress the need to evacuate, just feel that nature WINS, should go immediately to relieve themselves, because in the long run this causes constipation, because the intestine continues absorbing the little liquid containing feces. Continuous exercise helps the correct functioning of the entire body, minimal walking 20 minutes a day. Do not perform forced where have to lift too much weight, pressure it feels throughout the body and can cause hemorrhoids, as well as get a hernia which is more dangerous. But especially if we want to prevent hemorrhoids, we must be aware and comply with the responsibility of not failing with these tips.