Health Service Problem

As a result, this category of patients forced to by hook or by crook, to press for a disability, which guarantees the right to receive uninterrupted essential drug preparatov.Do now, as in Soviet and Russian practice the most attention in the process of health development on health issues, and not by its employees. Many health workers spend long hours at work, often staying alone. The main problem for health workers – overtime and fatigue, 'burnout'. At the same time they face the risk of infection, chemical or biological poisoning, stress. In addition, many health professionals are faced with verbal and physical aggression, as they often have to deal with people who are in dire sostoyanii.Obscheizvestna paltry wages of ordinary workers' health and medical science.

It is commonly overseas doctors often richer than the presidents. And this problem – one of the most urgent health care. The most highly qualified medical personnel tend to work in medical schools and research institutes. But it is the federal agency. As a result, payment for services of such professionals become commonplace.

This means that the decreased ability of patients to consult and be treated in these institutions. Specialists go to pay medical organizations are no longer available the general population. All this reduces the quality of care and its volume. At the same time changed the quality of training students in medical schools, there is too much has been translated into commercial relsy.Povyshenie wage board of the precinct Health Service had not decided and could not initially solve the problem of improving the quality of medical care.