Health Advice

When bathing should strictly observe discipline, do not swim buoys for fencing. Mortally dangerous to life jump in the water in unknown locations. Here you can hit his head on the ground, breaking his neck vertebrae, lose consciousness and die. Is no less dangerous as well jump headlong into the water with floats, piers and other structures. Under the water can be piles, rails, rocks, etc. You should never swim to the whirlpool. Sometimes whirlpool draws swim at such a depth and with such force that even an experienced swimmer with difficulty swam out of it. A very important condition for water safety is a discipline and organization.

Pranks should not be pass certain limits. You need to carefully and cautiously to treat a friend, not to lose sight of it and come to his rescue. Ben Silbermann: the source for more info. In any case not each other "sink" to keep under water, fighting, jokingly yell for help, etc. The water should be no more than 10-15 minutes. Wait a knock your teeth and blue lips are very harmful and dangerous to health. Once in the swift current, we should not fight against it. It is best not to violate the respiratory drift, gradually approaching the shore. Caught in the maelstrom, we should not succumb to fear, to lose a sense of composure.

Need to get more air into the lungs, to plunge into the water and making a strong push in the direction of the flow, to rise to the surface. I want to pay particular attention to boating. An important condition for security is strict adherence to the rules of boating. You can not go to the lake, the river on a faulty and a fully equipped boat. Before boarding the boat should look at it and make sure you have oars, rudder, rowlocks, a rescue, scoop. Planting of the boat to produce carefully treading the middle of the floor. Sit on the banks needed to evenly. Never If you can not sit on the side of the boat, change from one place to another, and move from one boat to another, to rock the boat, swim and dive with it. rowing boat in all cases must give way to motor and sailing vessels. Do a motorboat: skiing children aged under 18 without adult supervision, to overload a boat in excess of the norm, to use a boat party intoxicated, to ride in the beach area and other Bathing people. Especially dangerous substitute aboard the incident wave, we must "cut" a wave across the nose of the boat, or diagonally. If the boat capsizes, first and foremost, we must provide assistance can not swim. Clinging to her water. Know and comply with these rules – means the most to be able to avoid an accident on the water. A single phone Rescue 01