Give Interviews

C.H. The band announces the launching of its new CD for the 24 of May. Nevertheless, it notices that there will be tour nor no promotion. So far, they allow to listen to its first single in its Web. The idolized band of Extremoduro rock has made to clear east Friday, by means of an official notice, that does not think to support the launching of its new disc, dctuoso Material, with no promotional act. In addition, the formation indicates that it will not organize concerts nor it will record video s. The press note is concise: " There is no new video, there will be interviews, nor press conferences no, is text commentary of the new no disc, are no new photos, not hagr tour, but this disc has the 6 (SIX) new songs of Extremoduro.

Why we want more? The official notice also remembers that the new CD of the group will be in the stores next the 24 of May. In low form? After the publication for three years of the innate law, the band commanded by Has been robbing Iniesta had sunk in a dark silence. Now the band has published an album of short duration (six subjects, although some of them surpass the 8 minutes). Some have interpreted the brevity of the new disc as a signal of the own wearing down of to have commanded during near two decades a copied scene over and over again. Its first single, that already can be listened to in its page Web, tries to explore new borders by means of an unusual turn towards the tango. It is only the beginning. The song recovers the subject in the middle of the sound unmistakable and tormented of the universe of It robs. Source of the news: Extremoduro: " We will not give interviews, nor conciertos"