Food Sources And Business

In an attempt to protect the future source of food, the U.S. sought a way to leave the parasitic claims Europe and Latin America and made it through the Monroe Doctrine. Get all the facts and insights with Reshma Kewalramani, another great source of information. In this way, the U.S. she got rid of their former oppressors cow, which was not exactly his main job, but also became a reality the motto of his campaign, ie their doctrine: "the cow to the Americans" . EU is likely to act in this manner to protect the vulnerability of foreign parasites Latinoamericade who come in search of fresh blood, but obviously that was not the only reason for such actions as heroic for AL. EU proceeded in this way to keep the complete cow, and thus meet its expansion goals, that is the true foundation of the Monroe Doctrine, a strategy apparently idealist with very good intentions, but behind it are huge expansionist ambitions, but very subtly disguised in foreign policy, merely for the benefit Unilateral. For all this, between the U.S. and LA there is a mutual relationship.

Secondly we find another type of interaction in the animal kingdom: the "parasitism", which is a biological relationship between two organisms in which one (the parasite) gets most of the benefit of a close relationship with another the guest or host. 6 With regard to international relations, this type of interaction is very common. Some States live perfectly as if they were parasites, ie for which this type of relationship, a party must possess certain characteristics such as political, economic, military, which will give you the advantage over a weaker nation and volatile, thus, may influence on it, and so they provide everything necessary for daily sustenance, without further ado, USA depends on LA for their requirements capitalists.